10 Steps on How to Deep Clean a Bathroom

The most important room in the house should look spotless and act as your haven. Just wiping off the soap stains and cleaning the bathroom with plain water won’t kill the gems, on the contrary, the visible dirt and grime have to be deep cleaned and sanitized if you wish to have the bathroom immaculate. Deep cleaning the bathroom is not that hard to do, it takes only 10 steps!

1. Prep the bathroom

Before you get down to business, ensure you have everything for the job. Start by cleaning out the clutter from the bathroom, make sure you don’t have piled-up laundry lying around, and clear out anything else that’s in the way. If possible, use eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. For the deep cleaning use baking soda, white vinegar, glass cleaner, green bleach alternative, disinfecting wipes, and microfibre wipes.

2. Start with the sink

Get a large plastic bowl, and fill it whit warm water and vinegar. First, wash the sink with this mixture, then use a purposed cleaner to wipe the faucet, countertop, and handles. Soak the soap dispensers in baking soda and then wipe clean. Those who have an eco-friendly and stylish hand dryer, just use a soft dry cloth to wipe the dust out of the dryer and don’t use abrasive products on it.

3. Scrub the shower and bathroom

Deep cleaning the shower and bathtub can be tedious and daunting. Spray the shower and bathtub with a designated cleaning product and let it rest. Mix a few drops of vinegar with baking soda and wipe the door panel. Leave it a few minutes and rinse. Spray again the whole bathtub and shower with the explicit cleaner and scrub off all the grime and dirt in detail, then rinse again.

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4. Wipe down the walls and tiles

One of the most neglected bathroom cleaning features, but unmissable with the deep cleaning procedure. Try steaming the bathroom first, then spray the cleaner on the walls and tiles. Use a stronger cleaner, but then let it rest and leave the bathroom. When some time passed, return to wipe down the walls with a dry cloth.

5. Don’t neglect tile grout

The blackish thing you might see in the spaces in between the bathroom’s tiles is grime that has run amok. Use a mixture of ¾ of bleach and 1 liter of water and carefully apply this solution with a brush to the tiles. Very soon, the bleach will start doing its magic, and you will be able to rinse with water after 5 minutes.

6. Disinfect the toilet

Never rush with toilet cleaning and always use a disinfecting cleaner. Bear in mind that cleaning a toilet is more than just the toilet bowl. Use hand gloves and clean inside the bowl, on the back, under the lid, around the toilet, the whole toilet seat, and the floor. You can use a vinegar solution to disinfect the toilet brush. In the end, rinse and wipe dry the area.

7. Clean the mirror, vanity, and other amenities

The dust might be the biggest culprit here, and the best way to deep clean the mirror, cabinets, vanity, and various shelves is to use a glass cleaner or a vinegar-and-water mixture. Use only a microfibre cloth to wipe down everything smoothly. The only trick with the vanity and shelves is that you must take out all the things inside and carefully clean them piece by piece.

8. Wash the towels and rugs

To ensure maximal cleanliness, you should sanitize the bathroom towels a minimum once a week. A lot of people touch them and walk on the rugs, so bleach the towels or, if you have an option, run them through a sanitized cycling in the washing machine.

9. Dust everything

This may not fall into the category of deep cleaning as it should be done daily, but regular dusting keeps the bathroom look meticulous at all times. Check the fan hold, vacuum the dust from various vents, inside the shelves and cabinets, and swipe the toilet and towel racks. Use a damp sponge or cloth, soak in soap and water, and later wipe again with a dry microfibre cloth.

10. Mop the floors

Lastly, spray the bathroom floors with a specific cleaner and swipe, or submerge the mop into the bucket with a cleaning solution, squeeze the excess water, and slowly clean the bathroom. Go through all the areas, around and under the machine and vanity. Replace the trash can in the end, and you are good to go!

Keep the bathroom clean and sanitized at all times by incorporating a deep clean procedure once a week.

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