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3 Ways to MRF Cricket Bat Grade and English Willow

Buying a MRF Cricket bat can be intimidating if you don’t know what each of the different grades are and how to differentiate them. Below, we’ll look at Grade, English Willow, Diamond, Kahuna, and more. Ultimately, choosing the right bat is critical to your success as a player. Whether you’re an experienced cricketer or a beginner, we hope this article will help you decide which is right for you.


There are many types of MRF Cricket bats available. These bats are made of English willow and are produced using natural seasoning technology. They will give you outstanding results on the field. You can find the right bat for your needs by checking out the different grades and sizes available. Here are some of the top-rated bats available for you to purchase. Listed below are the best MRF Cricket bats and their grades.

Willow grades will affect the cost of your cricket bat. There are two main types of cricket bats – softer and broader. Both have great performance qualities but require time to achieve optimum performance. Both materials are natural and will have varying characteristics. The type of willow you buy will determine the overall cost. Cricket bats are rated by their performance and quality. To help you determine the right cricket bat for your needs, choose one with a broader grain and softer material.

English willow

The MRF Genius 3.0 CRICKET BAT 2021 is a masterfully crafted cricket bat. Its chunky edges and extended swell help in generating maximum power. The MRF cricket bat grade SH is made from English Willow, a high-grade material, and is designed with comfort in mind. It MRF Genius bat has an outstanding balance between the front and back foot.

The MRF cricket bat features a high-quality, premium bat case. Its design resembles a traditional players’ cricket bat, and its profile focuses on professional players. It features a classic players’ profile with a big swell, mid-sweet spot, and excellent pick-up. It has massive F2 contoured edges and amazing ping. This cricket bat is designed for the top tier of the MRF brand ambassadors and is priced from PS80 to PS750.


There are two primary types of cricket bats: the Grade and Lite. Both are made of unbleached English willow. The Grade Lite Cricket bat is slightly shorter than the Grade 5 cricket bat but still features the same design. It is also lighter and features a longer Pro Lite Counter Balance handle. Its weight will range from 2lb 6oz to 2lb 8 1/2 oz.

Cricket bat Grade and English Willow differ in their balance and performance. Grade 4 cricket bats tend to cost around PS100 for a full size blade and PS50-75 for juniors. The cost of a Grade 4 cricket bat depends on the performance characteristics. It is difficult to find good quality English Willow at affordable prices. If you are looking for a bat in the higher end of the market, you should consider the Kahuna Cricket bat Grade and English Willow.


MRF Cricket bats are made with the latest technology that enables the edges of the blade to be massively countered. The edges of the blade vary from 38mm to 40mm, which is standard for a cricket bat used by professional players. The MRF cricket bat features a flat toe blade, which provides the perfect balance between power and control. It is made from grade A+ English willow, which is compressed naturally, which provides it with the finest grain structure. In addition, it is made from the oldest willow in the world, which is also one of the most durable.

The MRF Genius Junior Cricket Bat is the next rung in the MRF Genius series, and it is one step below the MRF Genius Elite. Its swell is outrageous and the bat is great for big hits. The MRF Genius Cricket bat is made with Grade 1 English willow and a special technique that allows for a medium spine profile. It weighs approximately 1180 – 1250 grams, which makes it a professional-level bat.

MRF Genius

The MRF Genius is a legend in Indian cricket. Made with Grade 2 English Willow, the MRF Genius has been hailed for its power and balance. Its grand edition 2.0 has been specially designed to imitate the style and power of Indian skipper Virat Kohli. It is one of the best bats in the market and relatively inexpensive. Here are three ways to choose the best cricket bat for you:

MRF Cricket bats use the latest technology of massive countered edges and varying edges of 38mm to 40mm. This is the standard size for a professional cricket bat. The English willow is also grade A and has been compressed naturally to give the best performance on slow pitches. The weight of the bat is also lighter than the average cricket bat, allowing for better control on the ball.

MRF Genius Chase Master

Indian superstar batsman Virat Kohli endorses the MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket bat, the red version of which is manufactured with top-grade English willow and crafted to the exacting standards of pro players. The MRF Chase Master Cricket Bat Red features classic midblade sweetspot, big edges and shoulders, and a clean pickup. It’s also the best-selling cricket bat in India.

The MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket bat is endorsed by the Indian superstar, Virat Kohli, and is made from the same grade English willow as many of the top players. The handle is designed for comfort and shock absorption. The MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip is designed for control, resulting in a softer feel that enhances drive. The MRF Padded Full Length Cricket Bat Cover is an excellent accessory to protect your cricket bat.

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