5 Movies Set In the Winter Season That Teach You Great Life Lessons

Everyone loves a good movie, but as the winter season arrives, we tend to watch more heartfelt movies that teach us moral life lessons and also make us feel emotional. Movies about love, family, friendship, fate, memories, and morals are all that our generation craves because they make us feel emotional and attached to our loved ones.

So, if you are someone who loves watching movies that make you emotional, the movies mentioned below are for you.

Happy Feet

Happy feet is a movie about the penguins of Antarctica where in the penguins’ world each penguin has to sing a heart song to find their soulmate. In such a society Mumble has a big problem. In a society where all penguins are great singers with great vocals, Mumble does not know how to sing and turns out to be a terrible singer. When the elders of the clan find out, they send him into punishment. While he is a terrible singer, Mumble is great at tap dance, and when he is sent into exile, he meets Amigos. Amigos helps Mumble rediscover himself and restores his faith in life. The movie teaches us a lot of basic lessons as well as speaks about a great issue such as how global warming created by humans is affecting Antarctica.


Serendipity, as the word suggests is a movie about fate, and destiny. The protagonists meet each other in a store and spend a great night doing different activities together. When the night ends, the guy Jonathan falls in love with Sara Thomas who wants to test fate. The two part ways without introducing each other properly and leave it on destiny whether are not they will meet each other. The movie discusses how fate and destiny has its own ways and eventually no matter what happens you end up with who you are supposed to be with. The movie is beautiful and one of our favorite winter movies. If it is winter time and you have a TV we are sure it is airing on some channel. For a good HD TV we recommend Spectrum TV. Spectrum provides more than 125 channels in a good HD print. Apart from that, Spectrum is widely available, it provides you options of streaming services, and Spectrum Customer Service is always at your assistance in case of any queries.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind is a Science fiction romantic movie that revolves around a couple who met in a train and fell in love. Clementine gets her memory removed time to time after each relationship because she never wants to remember the ugly phases of her relationships. Joel is convinced when he sees how Clementine has forgotten all about him, so he signs up to get his memories removed too. The movie revolves in the mind of Joel where he relives each moment of his time with his love and realizes what a big mistake he is making by erasing her from his mind. لعبة ذئب The movie speaks a lot about love, life, and how important memories can be sometimes. It teaches us that the artificial methods only make us less human, as Joel fights for his memories but eventually loses them.

Little Women

Set in the years of the Civil War, Little Women is a story about 4 sisters. The protagonist Jo March lives in New York and makes her living as a writer. Her sister Amy studies painting in Paris, the oldest Meg is married to a school teacher, and the shyest sister of all Beth develops a shocking illness which eventually brings the family together. While the March sisters are reaching their womanhood, they have to go through many ups and downs. There are hard decisions to be made and hardships to endure. The movie teaches us a lot about life such as, hard work, family unity, true love, honesty, and much more.


When it comes to winter movies, Frozen is the movie of the winters. This Disney movie revolves around the lives of the two sisters Anna and Elsa and how Elsa cannot contain her super powers. The movie discusses how Elsa freezes the whole town of Arendelle, Anna goes to her to ask her to bring Arendelle back to life. Throughout the journey, the two sisters learn a lot about life, and Elsa learns to use her magic, and Anna learns what true love really means. The movie is beautiful and is not a typical Disney movie that revolves around a prince and a princess. It is definitely the classic winter movie because it teaches us that after every storm, the sun rises.

The movies discussed here are all about love, togetherness, importance of love, family and morality. These movies are perfect because winter time calls for binge worthy emotional movies.

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