Evaluation of the best lures for chub and ide

Review of the best according to the editors About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchasing. Before buying, you should consult with a specialist.

Evaluation of the best lures for chub and ide

NominationplaceProduct nameprice
Evaluation of the best lures for ide and chub1Tsuribito 35S-SR Baby Crank₽484
twoCrank Yo Zuri 3D₽645 
3Tsuribito 35 SR Baby Crank₽430 
4jackall cherry 44₽790 
5Lucky Craft Bevy Pencil₽590 

Tsuribito 35S-SR Baby Crank

A separate portion of the honor deserves one of the already mentioned modifications of the Baby Cranks, called the 35S-SR. It has negative buoyancy, so it penetrates 1-1.2 meters and takes out rudd, perch, ide and chub. As in the case of the 35 SR, the body of this model has a compact structure: a length of 3.6 centimetres and a weight of approximately 3.4 18h18 signification grams are ideal for ultralight fishing. Naturally, it’s not about any flight characteristics – any attempt to throw that light rig will result in its inevitable demolition.

The main advantages of the Baby Crank 35S-SR wobbler from the point of view of consumers are low price, a wide range of colors and sharpness for fishing, even at high speeds. The efficiency of backwater fishing is also excellent, however, here the user has to warm up the interest of the fish with gradual wiring.


  • low price;
  • the possibility of fishing in fast and permanent rivers with various wiring techniques;
  • deepening of 1-1.2 meters;
  • a large variety of colors and colors;
  • High quality hook body kit.


  • mediocre flight characteristics.

Crank Yo Zuri 3D

The decision to include this lure in the rating was dictated by superiority in terms of equipment and manufacturing capacity. The 3D prefix in the case of this model is not accidental: it characterizes the maximum proximity of the wobbler surface stamping to the body of a real fish. In addition, a special holographic insert is introduced under the surface, and the glow on the sides is realistically reproduced during posting. The wobbler is mainly used for deep fishing to cast and cast since the working horizon reaches 4 meters.

The attitude towards Yo-Zuri 3D Crank in the fishing community can be described as purely positive: a detailed imitation of a live fry brings excellent results. A minor omission from the manufacturer was not the strongest set of jerseys, Uk49s Win, whose toughness leaves a lot to be desired. But the rest of the wobbler shows real class.


  • the most realistic detail of the body of the fish;
  • lateral holographic inserts, causing the game of glare;
  • the ability to catch at great depths (up to 4 meters)
  • good flight performance and average weight (17 grams).


  • poor toughness of base jerseys.

Tsuribito 35 SR Baby Crank

The standard Cran of the Tsuribito catch series, renowned by anglers for its phenomenal catch. The wobbler is used as an ultralight bait that allows you to carry a small chub, ide, perch and pike. Depending on the modification, it is done by swimming or sinking, which changes the style of play a bit and affects the predominant form of fish in the total catch. The body length of the Baby Crank 35 SR is 3.6 centimeters, and the weight varies slightly depending on the type of execution.

In general, consumers are satisfied with the effectiveness of the wobbler for chub and respond positively. In particular, they are pleased with the abundance of colour options, as well as the build of the game for various publications.


  • various execution options (floating and sunken);
  • an abundance of color options;
  • building a kit for various wiring options;
  • high catch regardless of the season.


  • not found

jackall cherry 44

Jackall Krank manifests itself no less vividly, the attractiveness of which is manifested in the creation of a powerful vibroacoustic effect. The working horizon of the depths of Cherry 44 reaches one and a half meters, which allows the wobbler to search for chub e ide, pike and (very rarely) asp. Thanks to the floating balancer, the modified model has good aerodynamic properties: when launched, the load moves towards the tail, taking the fish on a long flight. uk49s today predictions is an absolute advantage, especially due to the low weight (only 6.2 grams).

When leaving comments, users put a special emphasis on the sound effects of Cherry 44 when it is not the most expressive game. In a separate chamber inside the body of the fish are balls that act as a kind of rattle. This fact is fundamental in the high catch of the wobbler for the chub, which is why it has a stable demand among fishermen.


  • good attraction conditions;
  • the possibility of remote launch due to the floating balancer;
  • deepening up to 1.5 meters;
  • high catchability regardless of seasonal conditions.


  • Not the most expressive game when posting.

Lucky Craft Bevy Pencil

A bright representative of the woker wobbler class, which entered the classification due to a very accurate imitation of a weakened fry. Due to the “floating” center of gravity, which during the publication of the tail changes, Bevy Pencil plausibly raises its snout above the surface of the water, opening itself for a fast and deadly attack from the chub. Despite the low weight (only 3.7 grams), this wobbler has good flight characteristics, due to the same change in the center of gravity.

According to anglers, Bevy Pencil is ideal for fishing in calm waters and in fleeting rippled” ponds. The main trophies of this bait are ide, asp, chub and cauldron, and the highest fishing efficiency is observed in the warm season.


  • good flight data with very little weight;
  • the most provocative imitation of the “little victim”;
  • universality in terms of water bodies harvested;
  • High efficiency in the hot summer season.


  • catchability is highly seasonally dependent.

Attention This rating is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you should consult with a specialist.

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