6 Best ways to remove a wax or paraffin stain

If your favorite clothes, tablecloth or upholstered furniture upholstery is stained with wax, this is no reason to worry. Getting rid of it without a trace is not that difficult. Our experts learned how to effectively and quickly remove wax or paraffin stains using improvised means. We share the secrets of cleaning products for different types of fabrics, Uk49s Win, shoes and upholstered furniture upholstery from the effects of dripping candles with the readers of our magazine.

Wax Removal Guidelines

Wax is a substance consisting of high molecular weight esters of fatty acids and alcohols. It is made of plastic, it melts easily at temperatures above 60 0 C, it adheres well to various surfaces. Low temperatures destroy the structure of the wax, it begins to crumble. Fat marks remain after removal.

Knowing the physical properties, it is easy to understand how to remove wax stains on clothing or furniture upholstery: you must first expose the product to temperature exposure, and then use means to remove grease.

It is important to take into account the characteristics of the material and the sail, of which there are traces. Methods for removing common household candle stains from cotton fabric will differ from the methods by which you can remove traces of colored paraffin from wool or silk. Before continuing with a brief guide to removing wax from various types of fabric, 18h18 signification our experts advise what not to do in the event of contamination from a molten candle.

  1. Rub in fresh drops of wax or paraffin, otherwise, you can increase the area of ​​contamination and damage the tissue structure. It is better to wait 5-10 minutes for the wax to dry and try to remove it with a knife, spoon, coin or credit card.
  2. Wash the product without removing surface dirt. In the process of washing or rinsing in cold water, the wax can crumble and settle in other areas. After subsequent ironing, it will melt and leave multiple marks.
  3. By exposing stained products with a high-temperature color candle, the dye will penetrate deeper into the fabric fibres and will be more difficult to remove.
  4. Use harsh chemicals or stain removers to remove greasy wax residue from delicate and synthetic fabrics. You also cannot clean these materials in a hot way.

Wax stains are not the type of contamination that needs to be removed in a hot search. You need to give it time to cool down, otherwise, you can aggravate the situation. Also, hot paraffin can burn the skin, so we do not recommend touching fresh drops with bare hands.

Methods for removing wax from various surfaces.

Wax and paraffin cannot be cleaned with detergents, only with the help of chemical liquids or exposure to temperature:

  1. hot (using an iron, boiling, or steaming)
  2. cold (freezing with ice or in the freezer).

Hot methods can be applied if a stain has formed:

  1. in white things;
  2. in products with stable staining;
  3. in cotton fabrics, including denim.

For products made from delicate fabrics, shoes, and items with remnants of a colored candle, the cold removal method should be used.

Let’s consider all the methods in more detail.

with iron

The most popular and effective method of removing candle marks from clothing is ironing. In order for the process of cleaning the product to be successful, you need to stock up on paper towels or napkins (toilet paper or an ordinary notebook sheet is also suitable) and turn on the iron by setting the switch to medium heating mode. Next, we act according to the instructions.

  1. Put a few napkins or a sheet of paper folded 2-3 times under the stain (on the wrong side of the product).
  2. On top (on the front side) put a couple more napkins and a thin cotton cloth (you can use a handkerchief).
  3. Iron the fabric with a hot iron, changing the napkins as the molten wax is absorbed into them.
  4. Iron the product until there are no traces on the napkins.

We recommend this method to clean products that can be ironed: clothes and tablecloths.

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