Abu Dhabi You Will Love It

Impressive architecture

Abu Dhabi is a city of magnificent buildings. Among them, the Etihad Tower and the Beinuna Tower deserve special attention for their elegant shape. The same is true for the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. With an 18 degree slope, the Capital Gate is a magnificent skyscraper and the most curved building in the world next to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

Sea life and outdoor adventure sports

There are many ways to take advantage of the Abu Dhabi coastline. First, you can take a ferry to Zayanurai and other islands to enjoy a variety of water sports that you can practice here. Relax on Cornish Beach, watch camel races, or ride a quad in the dunes.

Incredible Arab culture

There are many museums and exhibitions in Abu Dhabi. But the best way to immerse yourself in Arab culture is at a cafe called Bong. We also do this when we have a fight at the bazaar or the outdoor market. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ain, the world’s oldest settlement, has classic accommodation. The best example is provided by Arabian Nights Village.

Christmas dinner

Arab food is everywhere. But Abu Dhabi enjoys it in a special way. If you like pork, Muslims don’t eat it, so you can only buy it in a very special place. The same thing happens with alcohol.

Shopping addiction paradise

Shopping is considered Abu Dhabi’s national sport. You can find almost anything in this city. Of course, keep in mind that the opening hours of stores on Islamic holidays, especially during Ramadan, are different from other years.

What to do in Abu Dhabi

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque: White Lighthouse

It is the largest religious building in the country. Surrounded by magnificent Islamic gardens. It has a white marble ceiling and the dome of the tallest mosque in the world. However, its interior does not seem to be very spacious and is decorated with fairly excessive floral details and inlays. There is also a terrace surrounded by 80 marble domes, which can accommodate 41,000 people.

Go back in time at Heritage Village

The ancient inhabitants of Abu Dhabi lived a fairly nomadic life. And it survived in this Heritage Village. Come here to discover the traditional lifestyles of the inhabitants and learn first-hand about their living conditions. You will be amazed at how they provide water resources and the importance of camels in transportation. طريقة لعب الدومينو

Cornish: Discover the beauty of water

It’s the perfect residential area to relax from the heat of Abu Dhabi. You can take a walk or bike along the promenade or sunbathe in the garden. You can also have a coffee or shop at Marina Mall. The area is home to the 5-star Emirates Palace Hotel, which was specially built for the country’s ruled Sheikh. Also, come to Jumeirah, a skyscraper with unforgettable views.

Approaching Yas Island

Take the opportunity to take a break from this big city on Yas Island. There are many shops in Yasmall. Similarly, Yaswater World has an impressive amusement park that you can enjoy with your family. Formula One Race is also held here every year and is very close to the Ferrari World facilities.

Liwa: Explore the sea of ​​sand

Abu Dhabi rises above the Arabian Desert, where modern technology is brilliantly exhibited. Therefore, it is surrounded by fields surrounded by dunes. kuwait casino In fact, the birthplace of the royal family for centuries, the Rewa Oasis is the largest in the world.

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