Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance service

Air conditioning maintenance must be carried out to avoid diseases, high electrical consumption, expensive repairs, poor equipment performance , the frequency of each service will depend on the hours of use, the work environment and other factors. We also provide air conditioning installation services.

What is Preventive and Corrective Maintenance?

In the Preventive we carry out cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and painting, to preserve the good condition of the equipment.

In the Corrective we carry out the Ac Repair and maintenance in al Barsha the parts that are defective in the air conditioning equipment.

We carry out plans and annual contracts according to your needs, with attention 24 hours a day and any day of the year.


  • Advantages of maintenance
  • Equipment that we maintain
  • It includes
  • 3 months warranty on service.
  • Payment facilities.
  • Specialized technicians and engineers.
  • Scheduling of maintenance service.
  • Technical Feasibility Visit.
  • Logistics tracking of your order.
Special discounts for multiple purchases of equipment or services

Fast and efficient service.

air conditioning repair

If your air conditioner is leaking or not cooling enough, it’s time to call for service to have it fixed.

There are breakdowns that are common in air conditioning equipment and that are worth fixing before buying another one. Among them stand out:

Bad smell

Over time, the appliance may emit bad odours. This is common in old equipment but if it becomes common, it should be checked.

Does not cool

If your air conditioning does not cool or does so at low performance, it is probably due to a fault.

This failure can be due to many causes and does not always mean that the equipment needs to be changed. Sometimes, cleaning the filters is enough, but it needs to be checked by a technician.

It makes a lot of noise

If suddenly, the equipment starts to make a lot of noise, it is not normal either and it is necessary to check it. Sometimes the noise is caused by an external agent in the engine or by filter failures.

Regardless of the fault, the air conditioning repair must always be carried out by qualified personnel to guarantee the correct adjustment of the device and its proper functioning. Many times a minor fault can lead to a major failure if not fixed properly.

At Linacal , as the Ac Repair and maintenance in Mirdif company that we are, we have the necessary staff to check your system and detect where the fault is coming from. Our technical team has the necessary knowledge and tools to solve the fault in the shortest possible time.

It does not matter if it is a repair for Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, LG air conditioning or any other brand in the sector, our team has years of experience solving all types of breakdowns.

So that you don’t have to worry about anything, 

we offer you a comprehensive maintenance contract. With it, we will not only do the annual inspection and cleaning of your air conditioning systems, but we will also check the installation circuit to make sure that everything is in perfect condition. It is a very complete preventive maintenance service.

It also includes the repair of air conditioning with technical assistance for breakdowns 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With displacement and labor included.

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