Are Quartz Countertops for Your Bathroom Project in Toledo the Best Idea?

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or completing a new home build in the Perrysburg and Toledo area? Sourcing your countertops is on your list. But should you stick with granite for its long-lived popularity or is quartz a better choice? Learn a little about both of these materials before you choose.

Quartz and Granite: Two Fabulous Choices

Quartz is a manmade stone while granite is a naturally occurring rock. Both surfaces will last for twenty years or longer in your home when properly maintained. With modern manufacturing techniques, they even look much the same. Any consistent granite, like traditional gray or pink, can be duplicated as a quartz. Both stones have about the same hardness rating and resist both scratches and stains. So far, it’s an even debate.

Quartz Countertops Offers Consistency in a Durable Slab

Because quartz is manufactured, you can order the same quartz product across the country. While there are subtle variations in every slab, if you pick up a sample of quartz at a showroom, the final cut countertop will be a close match to the small piece. If you plan on finishing out multiple bathrooms with the same countertops, quartz allows you to make a confident decision and get a predictable result at every location.

Another bonus for quartz is that it often does not require sealing like natural stone, making it an easier choice for busy family bathrooms.

Granite Countertops Brings Personality and Unique Style to Every Bathroom

Because granite is quarried from a live mountain face, each piece is slightly different from another. While there may be multiple slabs from the same quarry in a showroom, you may see veining, colors, or inclusions on one that is not seen on the next.

The unique look of each granite countertop ensures a designer finish to your Perrysburg bathroom. You will want to talk to an experienced sales associate about where the cut for your bathroom vanity will be made. ivermectina para perros precio This allows for you to highlight a favorite section of strips or speckles instead of losing it to the sink cut out.

Both Stones Stay On Budget for Bathroom Renovations in Perrysburg and Toledo

In the past, granite was often priced much higher than quartz, but that is not the case today. Since quartz production is more involved and precise, its price rose over the past decades. Meanwhile, the popularity and availability of granite brought its cost down. The process for measuring, cutting, and installing quartz and granite countertops is nearly the same. While you may find a few expensive pieces of either stone, ultimately your final cost will be comparable no matter which one you pick. ivermectina 6mg como tomar para piolho

Find the Your Perfect Granite or Quartz at The Countertop Shop

Deciding on either material for your home renovation will depend on which slab of quartz or granite that you just can’t live without. Start the process by visiting a fully stocked custom countertop showroom like The Countertop Shop out in Monclova, OH. With slabs of quartz, marble, granite, and other solid surface options, you can discover the perfect product to complete your bathroom build. Give them a call to schedule a safe and private tour of their showroom today.

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