Are You Vacuuming Correctly? What You Need To Know To Keep Your Carpets Fresh

You work hard to keep your home clean, and vacuuming properly can go a long way in helping you keep your space fresh. Here, we’ll take a look at exactly what you need to know to keep your carpets as clean as possible. مواقع مراهنات رياضية

Use The Right Vacuum

It’s important that you choose a vacuum that’s a good fit for the needs of your family. If you have a cat or a dog (or both), you’ll want to choose a vacuum specially designed for picking up pet hair. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter to lower the amount of allergens in the air.

From Time To Time, Get A Professional Cleaning

No matter how well you vacuum your carpets, it’s still important to have them professionally cleaned from time to time so that they’re able to last as long as possible. Every 12 to 18 months, reach out to a professional carpet cleaning company to schedule a deep clean.

Vacuum In Different Directions

Try not to always follow the same pattern when you vacuum. Moving your vacuum in a different directional pattern can help you pick up dirt that you missed the previous time you cleaned.

Keep Your Vacuum Brush Clean

It’s tough to get your carpets clean if your vacuum is dirty. Every few months, take apart the brush of your vacuum and give it a good clean. Pull out any hair, dust, or debris, and wash the brush in warm, soapy water. Be sure to let the brush fully dry before you reassemble your vacuum.

Set A Schedule

It can be easy to keep putting vacuuming off until the next day, but doing so can allow dirt and allergens to settle into your carpet. Vacuum at least twice a week (more frequently if you have pets). العاب مربحة على النت There’s no need to overdo it—vacuuming too often can actually exacerbate allergies.

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