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Best Healthcare Marketing Trends You Need to Follow | 2022

Yet, healthcare marketing will continue to grow. Who could have imagined the COVID-19 pandemic or space-based 3D organ printing? Both occurred, and while the organ printing is still up in the air, the pandemic has changed things.  The good news is that, following the pandemic, people had a positive attitude toward the healthcare industry. Some refer to this trend as the “consumerization of healthcare,”. It relates to consumers’ readiness to seek medical services on their terms. And this demand is driving the need for a digital marketing agency for doctors. Also, healthcare providers need user experience (UX), customization, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). All this means that your digital marketing and website tactics must be on point for 2022. Here are some best healthcare marketing trends to follow in 2022. 

Best Healthcare Marketing Trends to Follow in 2022

1. Being more strategic in the healthcare digital ecosystem

This year, many healthcare providers will be focusing on creating a digital ecosystem. It’s because our world is changing.

That implies you must analyze your digital platforms. Hence, based on the results, develop a digital marketing strategy to guide your actions in 2022. It requires some initial work, but it will save your time in 2022 and improve your internet visibility.

An audit of your web presence is the first step in building a robust digital ecosystem. And not only yours. Audit at least three of your key competitors. It determines what you’re up against and where you might be able to get an advantage.

After completing your audit, you’ll better understand your online performance. You can examine what is boosting or limiting your company’s growth. It will allow you to plan your marketing actions for 2022.

Want to outsource the digital audit and strategy to the pros? Hire a healthcare digital marketing agency for your healthcare business.

2. Video content among the best healthcare marketing trends

In 2022, video content will be popular, and healthcare providers should use a video content strategy. It is not exclusive to healthcare, but it is a strategy that all healthcare providers should use. Video is for you whether you are a multi-practice mega clinic or an individual practitioner.

Here’s why 2022 will be a good year for video content:

1. SMM platforms specializing in video content include Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube. Yet, Facebook focuses on placements over audiences. Hence, more video material will increase your exposure. Also, it improves the results of your online social media advertising.

2. Statistics show the power of video:

  • Video used by 59% of content marketers.
  • 76% of marketers who use video attest to its effectiveness.
  • One-third of content marketers believe video has the highest ROI.

3. Here’s how to compete in 2022:

Instead of writing a blog, make a video. It could be a brief 30-second video to capture someone’s attention or provide quick information. But you could use a more extended form video (up to 20 minutes) to convey essential details or inform a patient about a problem or procedure. Yet, the Health Care Agency can assist you in this and will generate results via internet channels.

3. The rise of hybrid healthcare

Telehealth product numbers are no longer temporary. As a result, telehealth is no longer a pandemic approach. It is now part of Medicare and is a permanent aspect of the Global healthcare system.

Telehealth marketing changes because you may wish to attract patients from areas other than your immediate area, depending on your business model. You’ve indeed conducted many telemedicine consultations by now, yet you may have overlooked some critical components, such as:

  • Workflows and integration
  • Legal conditions
  • Technology
  • Privacy and consent
  • Patient experience
  • Digital Marketing. 

Hire a digital marketing agency for doctors to build a long-term telehealth business.

4. Google page rankings and user experience

Google has maintained YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) sites to the highest digital criteria. Finance and Healthcare websites impact search volumes and people’s lives. Google has released a new update that affects all websites but is especially harsh on health and medical websites. Your website must match these new rules to rank well on Google. Here are the five most important concerns: 

Relevancy: Select the right keywords. Ensure each page you produce targets a specific one and is the most incredible website for that term.

Core web vitals: These are three technical elements (highest contentful paint, cumulative layout change, and initial input delay) that affect the site speed. Google now considers site speed to be an important ranking factor. Patients are impatient and will click the back button within seconds if a website takes too long to load. Google strives to provide a pleasant experience for its customers. Thus it does not promote annoying sites that take too long to load.

Mobile-friendly site: Google indexes and ranks your site through its mobile version. As a result, your website must be mobile-friendly. Design it mobile-first and make sure the layout looks excellent on a mobile device as people do more searches on mobile than on PC or desktop.  

Site Security: You must have a secure site that uses HTTPS. If you don’t, your visitor will know that your site isn’t safe and leave.

No obtrusive interstitials: Wherever possible, avoid obnoxious pop-ups. Users despise them, and Google does as well.

5. Interactive Content Fuels Organic Traffic

You want to provide a pleasant experience for your site visitors, so they will recall your brand and return for more. Also, it is made more accessible by the use of interactive content. Hence, engaging your patients with something unique for which people will give you their information for future marketing operations. Examples include:

  • Polls 
  • ‘Test your health’ quizzes
  • Engaging Infographics 
  • Online hearing tests
  • ‘Check your heart age’ calculator

6. Focus on local SEO for higher ranks.

If someone looks for sciatica, your physio practice’s page should come near the top of the results. You’ll appear in the local maps pack and rank higher in organic Google searches. Instead of attempting to reach new audiences, concentrate on local SEO for better rankings.

So, how do you consider local?

  • Begin by focusing your on-page SEO on a limited drawing area. Google ranks the nearest relevant business to the searcher’s location first.
  • Take part in your local community or involve your company in someone else’s. It generates local citations and backlinks, which are essential ranking considerations. It can improve your rankings in organic searches, the local maps pack, and organic search engine traffic. Also, it increases brand identification and reputation online.
  • Consider what locals might be curious to read while you write your posts. 
  • Use Google Business Profile. It attracts more relevant clicks to the area maps pack. It provides your company with an advantage over competitors.

Now it’s your turn to follow the best healthcare marketing trends for 2022.

Hence, follow these best healthcare marketing trends. Schedule some time in your calendar to finish your digital audit and competitive study. Understand the most recent Google update and guarantee your site works. Boost your local ranks. Also, you will have a better grasp of how to run a successful healthcare provider that minimizes risks while maximizing ROI.

Also, if you need guidance suited to the demands of your organization, Navicosoft is here to help. Please schedule a meeting with them to analyze your company and identify the potential for online growth in 2022.

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