Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Best Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Earbuds 2022

Noise cancellation is one of a few notable features that most of the consumers consider while buying earbuds. The best Wireless Bluetooth noise-cancelling earbuds are good enough to cut out any outside noise. Thus, enabling you to enjoy your favourite music without any unwanted noise interruption. 

Types of Noise Cancellation 

There are mainly two sorts of noise cancellation that exist. 

  1. Active noise cancellation 
  1. Passive noise cancellation 

Passive noise cancellation utilises well-designed structural modifications to eliminate outside noises. On the other hand, active noise cancellation works by using microphones to catch low-frequency noise and then neutralise it before it reaches to the ear.  

Which type of noise cancellation is most effective? 

Although passive noise cancellation is good enough to eliminate some of the noises, but its efficiency is relatively low with respect to active noise cancellation. So, if you want to enjoy a better sound with less unasked noises, it’s time to choose the earbuds that offer active noise cancellation.  

OPPO Enco X2 and Enco Free2 noise cancelling earbuds 

Availability of sheer number of choices available in the market for best noise cancelling earbuds often makes it hard to opt for the most suitable earbuds. However, you don’t need to panic, we got you covered. Our today’s list is featuring two of top-of-the-line earbuds that offer excellent noise cancellation yet are available at a quite affordable price tag.  

OPPO Enco X2 Earbuds 

Co-built with Danish audio giant – Dynaudio, OPPO Enco X2 earbuds offer most effective active noise cancellation up to 45dB. It is almost double than the 23dB of active noise cancellation being offered in Apple AirPods Pro. Moreover the £169 price for OPPO Enco X2 earbuds is quite less than the £239 price tag of Apple AirPods Pro in UK. Hence, OPPO’s earbuds relatively deliver you a best pound-to-pound value. Lightweight diaphragms of Enco X2 earbuds cut out stubborn noises to deliver you a soothing audio experience. 

In addition to this, OPPO has thrown intensive innovation towards these earbuds and successfully come up with ultra-wide frequency active noise cancellation technology. This technology uses two noise-cancelling microphones with a high signal-to-noise ratio to offer a 50% better sound boost than traditional noise-cancelling earbuds. OPPO Enco X2 earbuds feature AI Bone Voiceprint microphones that are well-built to capture your voice even in noisy conditions. Moreover, OPPO’s innovative Golden Sound Technology integrates leakage compensation and ear canal compensation to offer you a personalised sound boost. 

OPPO Enco Free2 Earbuds

OPPO Enco Free2 are one of the most affordable ANC earbuds available in the market. The official launch price of these earbuds was £89 but right now these are available at an exclusive sale price of only £66.74 on OPPO UK Official Online Store. But paying less price doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice certain features. OPPO Free2 earbuds deliver you an efficient 42dB active noise cancellation to let you enjoy your favourite music with peace. Adding to this, OPPO’s acoustic engineers worked hard to ultimately come up with the earbuds that effectively deliver noise cancellation based on your ear shape. Thus, providing you a truly personalised sound experience. 

Co-engineered with the legendary Danish Hi-fi company – Dynaudio, OPPO Free2 earbuds cleanly produce the natural sound of each of the instrument. While the Bluetooth 5.2 technology included in OPPO Enco free2 earbuds inhibits freezes and disconnects during game play or video streaming to deliver you a stable and clear sound. On the other hand, low pressure and streamline design of the earbuds is comfortable enough to gracefully fit the contours of your ears. And the touch controls of the earbuds let you navigate the earbuds with utmost ease. Body of the OPPO Free2 earbuds comes with IP54 dust and water resistance, allowing you to carry the earbuds in water and in dusty environments. 

The Bottom Line 

Both earbuds featuring in our today’s list are one of the best active noise-cancelling earbuds available on the market. 45dB and 42dB of noise cancellations featured in OPPO Enco X2 and OPPO Free2 earbuds respectively are something that you even can’t get even in most of the high-priced earbuds. Keeping in view all these aspects, we can safely say that buying anyone these earbuds will be one of the best investments you ever made in your life.  

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