Bible Angels: Elisha and an Army of Angels

2 Kings 6 Defines Angels Ready to Safeguard the Prophet Alisha as well as Her Servant

In 2 Kings 6:8 -23, the Bible explains exactly how God offers an army of angels leading steeds and also chariots to safeguard Elisha and also his servant, the prophet, as well as opens up the slave’s eyes so that he can walk around them. And also the angel army might see. Below a recap of the tale, with commentary:

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An Earthly Army Tries To Capture Them.

Old Aram (currently Syria) was in a battle with Israel, and the king of Aram was interrupted that the prophet Elisha might anticipate where Aram’s military was preparing to go and additionally pass that details on to the king of Israel. In addition, cautions came on so the king could plan the strategy of the Israeli military.

The king of Aram decided to send out a large team of soldiers to the city of Dothan to record Alisha so that he might not aid Israel in winning the war against his nation.

Educated 14– 15 explains what takes place adhering to: “Then he sent horses and also chariots as well as a strong force. They happened by evening along with the city. When the slave of the man of God got up and went out early the, complying with early morning, The army, with steeds and additionally chariots, had, in fact, bordered the city. ‘Oh no, oh my God! What shall we do?’ The servant asked.

Bordered by a huge military in no way to leave the house cleaning, who now in the tale only saw Earth’s military that existed to catch Elisha.

A Heavenly Army Shows Up For Protection.

This tale continues in knowledgeable 16-17: “Do not be afraid,” replied the prophet. ‘Those who are with us are with them.’ And also Elisha hoped, ‘Open his eyes, O Lord, so that he might see.’ After that, the Lord opened the slave’s eyes, as well as he looked up and also saw the hills loaded with equines as well as chariots surrounding Elisha.

Biblical scholars think that angels supervised the equines and also chariots on the surrounding hillsides, prepared to protect Elisha and his servants. With the prayer of Alisha, his servant gained the ability to see not just the physical dimension but the spiritual measurement. Then he can see the angelic army that God had actually sent out to shield him.

Knowledgeable 18– 19 then document: “As the adversary approached him, Elisha prayed to the Creator, ‘Blindly eliminate this military.’ So he struck them with loss of sight, as Elisha had asked. Alisha claimed to them, ‘This is not a roadway, as well as this is not a city. Follow me, and also, I will certainly lead you to the man you are trying to find.’ And also he led them to Samaria.”

Verse 20 describes the reconstruction of the vision of the soldiers after Elisha went into the city, as well as God addressing that prayer to ensure that they could ultimately see Elisha and also the king of Israel that was with him. Knowledgeable 21– 23 describes Elisha as well as the king showing mercy to the military as well as celebrating a feast for the military to build a relationship between Israel and also Aram. After that, the 23rd verse ends by stating, “The bands of Aram stop attacking the territory of Israel.”

In this passage, God responds to prayer by opening people’s eyes emotionally as well as literally – anyhow is most useful for their development.

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