Bird stories Grey Heron Ardea cinerea

According to the Bohemians, the heron warns people of danger when they are lost in the marshes and attempts to guide them to safety by her cry. In Ireland, it is believed that small eels pass uninjured through the intestines of a heron, so it swallows the same person several times.

In the north of Ireland

the fat of a heron killed at the full moon is considered a great remedy for rheumatism. Germany’s peasants believe that Herons flying in the evening as if they are unsure where to rest, prefigure bad weather.

Some parts of the county believe that Herons flying high up the Tweed’s course in large numbers signify stormy weather. The bird’s tendency to leave discolored waters and move to clearer streams during floods may explain this behavior. One of the oldest customs was to swear an oath upon a dead Heron’s body. Many a gallant knight had, over the years, made this a solemn and honorable way of assuring his lady fair of his sincerity.

A family of grey herons lived in a beautiful

the swamp at the border of a river. They were tall and thin with a long, graceful neck and a pointed beak. It was a very grave family. They never smiled, they stood for hours in the water together and ate whatever was passing by. The old father heron was sitting near the swamp Texas Birds

bridge when a frog climbed onto the bridge. A snake emerged from the grass and stopped right in front of the frog. Although the frog was scared, he pretends to be brave.The snake asked, “Where are you going?”The frog replied, “I went to the Capital to visit my cousins.”

“And I am returning home to my home on my other side of the swamp,” he said. The snake asked, “What’s the news in CapitalThe frog said, “They have made new laws”; “he who attacks his neighbor on the high road is going to be executed.”

The snake laughed and said Really

The frog said, “The King’s soldiers are dressed in grey barkcloth.”The snake laughed and opened his mouth to eat it. But the grey heron, who was still listening intently to the conversation, suddenly jumped forward and grabbed the snake from his beak and held him in the air.”Didn’t I tell you,” the frog said, “that he who attacks his neighbor on a high road will be executed”

The grey heron then ate the snake. The frog thanked him for saving his life and he stayed to tell him about the Capital. An eagle flew through the swamp with a large branch in its talons. He must have been startled by something, as he dropped the branch. The frog saw the drop and ran out of the way. However, he didn’t warn the grey heron and the branch fell on the poor bird, breaking his neck. 

The other herons arrived quickly and became very angry at the frog

They said, “Our father saved you, you ungrateful creature.”They took the grey heron and placed him in a lovely grave beneath the papyrus, where the blue and pink water-lilies grow. The grey herons have been eating frogs ever since. Muirhead. George 1889. The birds of Berwickshire: with comments on their local distribution, migration, habits, as well as folk-lore and proverbs that are associated with them. Edinburgh, David Douglas.

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