Granite and quartz countertops

Caring for Quartz and Granite Countertops is Easier than You Might Think

One of the most common myths regarding Granite and quartz countertops is that they are difficult to maintain. When compared to older countertop materials, the myth quickly gets busted. Both natural granite and manmade quartz are extremely durable and able to keep their like-new appearance for many years by using a few simple techniques. For most homeowners, caring for new stone countertops demands no more effort than protecting old surfaces.

Protecting the Shine also Keeps Your Knives Sharp

The most common item in your Lima, OH kitchen capable of scratching a granite or quartz counter is one of your knives. While both materials are some of the hardest available, constant exposure to slicing and chopping will result in minor scratches. At the same time, the stone will dull the cutting edge of your blades. Using a wood or plastic cutting board protects both your knives and your gorgeous stone counter.

Sealing Your Granite and Quartz Takes Just a Minute

Quality custom granite installers will always recommend that you seal your countertops to prevent stains due to food and oils. Your countertops are installed with the first sealant treatment included. But you don’t need to empty your entire countertop and spend a whole day to keep its seal working. Using a recommended daily granite sealer and cleaner will wipe up small spills while preventing stains. Simply spray and wipe.

Using Hot Pads and Trivets Reduces the Chance of Scratches or Cracks

While granite and quartz are heat-resistant materials, it is possible to crack them when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Place your pots and pans on a hot pad or oven mitt and eliminate the chance of a temperature crack. It will also prevent your old cast iron from leaving behind a minor scratch or two.

The Pros Can Help with Near-Invisible Repairs If You Have an Accident

If you ever do drop a knife that leaves a visible scar or experience a minor crack, both granite and quartz can be repaired. Your custom countertop technician near Lima, OH will use a mix of colorant and resin to fill the defect. If it is a more visible crack, they will introduce flecks to match the dappled surface of the stone. Once the resin dries, a quick polish will help the repair blend in with the counter. In many cases, the fix is nearly invisible and hard to find under your fingers. A properly repaired counter will often last just as long as one that never got damaged.

If it sounds like a new granite or quartz counter is just what you want for your Lima, OH kitchen or bath, explore all the possibilities at Legacy Marble & Granite in Findlay. As a family-owned and operated custom countertop company, they are experienced in helping clients find the perfect stone for their home improvement project. Their showroom includes a wide selection of unique slabs quarried from around the globe just waiting for you.

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