7 cigarette packaging trends that are impacting business in 2022

Different manufacturing materials are being used for cigarette packaging. These materials include kraft, bux board, and cardboard. They are eco-friendly and recyclable. They can help in keeping the environment safe. They are also sturdier to keep cigarettes secure from different possible damages. These boxes come with printed images and graphics to demonstrate the cigarettes. They can […]

Functions of PDA Scanners

As barcodes and 2Ds become more common, PDA scanners are increasingly used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and other fields. They are usually sturdy, durable and portable. They are suitable for use in many harsh environments. PDA scanner features 1, wireless data transmission The data transmission distance of traditional scanners is limited due to the […]

Simple Ideas For Interactive Content

A great way to increase engagement and diversify your regular Interactive posting process is to use interactive content. Interactive content engages your audience more, increases click-through rates, and provides more opportunities to inform and inspire your network. Interactive content includes any content that a user can click, click, respond to, or play with. It takes […]

Custom cardboard display boxes are a way out of all the packaging problems- here’s why

Cardboard display boxes are reliable: Cardboard is a durable packaging material used worldwide for packaging solutions. You can find a lot of different boxes and different corrugated cardboard grades on the market. The so-called ‘off white’ box is usually made from a single flute, light-weight corrugated cardboard, therefore easy to break open. But if we […]