Choosing And Fitting Kitchen Handles

I thought I was making a difficult decision when choosing a kitchen, but of course I was completely wrong. Kitchen handle. Too big, too small, suspicious quality, too high, too many outings-it goes on. And that was after the type of metal / coating was also decided. Chrome, stainless steel, copper, matte black, you can stay here all day long.

But in the end, we decided that satin nickel was the finish we wanted. It is suitable for faucets and lighting, and also well for stainless steel appliances (hoods and refrigerators). Our second option was polished chrome, but it’s not strong enough for us and it’s always difficult to keep polishing with polished chrome. After choosing the metal, I started looking for a handle.

It seems that there are not many options for choosing satin nickel. I knew I needed a doorknob and a drawer handle. I really like the look of both kitchen cupboard handles, and having two different kitchen cupboard handles makes it a little more interesting. Also, I think drawer cups are more practical than knobs.

Finding the right button wasn’t too difficult.

There were two sizes (32mm and 38mm), but the Ironmongery Direct buttons were immediately noticeable. This was another decision, but I was confident in which one. Go to the cup. Cup to John Lewis (too small), eBay (quality problem), Door Handle Company (not sticking out enough-that is, the chubby fingers just didn’t fit), and Iron Mongers Direct (stuck) I ordered a holder. My eyes are a lot)-Can you win? ) I almost ran out of market, and these were really the only options I could find. I chose him for Instagram because they have become my trusted advisors. Also, carefully consider using to test your door / drawer buttons before installation. So I haven’t seen the blue tray since I was 13 years old, but it was made for business use. However, if the floor is hard, be careful not to drop or damage it.

The Ironmongery Direct (A) trophy turned out to be an undisputed winner. The biggest ones weren’t very suitable for me. However, it is said to prefer this mug over other mugs because it has no screws on the front. This makes it harder to match them! But the Instagram people feel like they know what they’re talking about (many of them have far more styles than I do), so we went with them. I also chose a larger knob because the 38mm knob is so big. The little ones didn’t fit in these cups.

Installing the knob was very easy, but I had to decide where to go first. العاب طاوله

A person who puts it in the middle of the door (bend more to reach out-not for us!), in the far corner of the door (our knobs are so big that they look a bit crushed) some are flat. كازينو اون لاين عربي And in the center-at the bottom of the outer wooden panel at the top-again, I’m not personally interested in this. We chose to install it at about 2/3 of the top of the door and the bottom of the top outer panel. Am I logical? It’s highly recommended to check Instagram and Pinterest to see how people fit into them-what they look like on the door can make a big difference.

That is, the reading is 6.5 cm below the top of the door, 5 cm inches (center of the outer panel). Use a square to place it above and below the doors and place a cross in front of each door.

Grant then made a hole in the front to make the back scratched.

Then screw the button to the back of the door. They are very convenient and come with two screws of different lengths, so they can be used on wood of different thicknesses. I love these buttons-it has a very satisfying grip (sounds weird), is easy to set up and looks great!

It took a little more care to mark the two holes on the back, which made the cup a little more difficult to install. The easiest way to do this was to create a template. So we did.

It’s just made of cards-I drew and cut around the handle, then drew a line in the center, drew around the screw holes, and drilled the card where the screws were.

I decided how high the handle should be from the bottom of the drawer. This is to align the handle with the knob so that both tops are flush with each other. 1*bet Next, I calculated the distance between the bottom of the glass and the bottom of the drawer. I marked this line with a square. (It was 4 cm from the bottom of the drawer). I also marked a line in the middle of the drawer. Then apply the stencil to both lines and stick the pencil into the hole in the stencil.

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