Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree vs Wellhead?

A wellhead skid is responsible for operations of the Christmas tree as well as the safety valves for mudline. The skid allows valves to be operated remotely or locally via ESD mechanism and timing mechanisms. Offer a way to control the rate and timing that valves operate. The sequence is typically near the wing valve master valve and the mudline safety valve.

Key Difference

In the complex but crucial business of pulling gas and oil from the earth and bringing them to the top of the earth, people frequently confuse the distinction between a Christmas tree and a wellhead. While the terms are often frequently used interchangeably, wellheads and a Christmas tree are distinct components of the equipment. Each is equipped with valves and equipment to manage and control it to ensure the proper flow of this valuable resource. A wellhead control panels is necessary for the use of a Christmas tree. It can also be employed with no Christmas trees in drilling. Surface wells producing surface wells that need pumps (pump jacks, donkeys that nod and so on.) generally do not employ any tree because of the absence of pressure-containment requirements.

In essence, the Christmas tree and wellhead function together to deliver gas and oil up to the top of the earth.

The tree may serve many additional benefits, such as the chemical injectors, as well interventions pressure relief (such as an annulus vent) Well monitor points (such as temperature, pressure erosion, corrosion, the detection of sand, flow rate and flow composition) as well as choke and valve feedback on position, connections to devices such as downhole temperature transducer and pressure transducer.

Design the Christmas tree’s code and wellhead

Christmas Tree and Well Head Equipment is designed in accordance with API Specification 6A/ISO 10432.3 for High Integrity Protection Systems. The design should consider the impact of pressure containment as well as other loads induced by temperature and pressure.

Vertical Christmas Tree in contrast to Horizontal Christmas Tree

The Vertical Christmas Tree

Master valves can be situated just above the hanging tubing, and the swab valves alongside master valves can be placed vertically. The annulus bore and production bore are laid vertically on the trunk of the tree. The well is completed prior to the installation of the vertical Christmas tree. Since the tubing hanger sits on the wellhead, the Christmas tree can be retrieved without the need to retrieve the downhole completion. This is a common practice in the subsea field due to its flexibility in construction and use.

Vertical Christmas Tree

Contrary to the tree that is vertical, the valves on the horizontal Christmas trees are placed on the lateral side of the Christmas tree that is horizontal, making it easy to perform well interventions and tubing recovery. Hence, this type of tree can be ideal for wells that require many interventions. Tubing hangers are placed within the body of the tree rather than the wellhead. This means that the tree can be mounted on the wellhead prior to the end of the well.

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