How to Start an Instagram Blog from Scratch

Instagram is one of the most popular Micro-blogging platforms with a whopping 500 million daily users worldwide. Imagine creating a community of even 1% of that number and converting your followers into customers.

To get a large following on Instagram requires a dedicated strategy and consistency to ace the game. In this article, we’re going to take you through an 8-step guide that will direct you on how to start an Instagram blog from scratch. For getting more instagram likes visit Comprar likes instagram

Plan of action

Create an Instagram Creator profile

Choose your niche wisely

Work on the structure of your profile

Create an editorial calendar for your blog

Draft an effective hashtag strategy

Start creating your blog posts with quality content

Set an analytics system in place

Explore ways to monetize your blog further

A step-by-step guide to start a profitable Instagram blog

If you had talked about earning money by creating content online ten years back, there would be many contemplations. But today, there are ’n’ number of ways you can earn money through blogging.

Let’s see how you can create an Instagram blog from scratch to start earning money from the first month itself.

Create an Instagram Creator profile

You can create a profile on Instagram for free. However, there are three types of accounts that Instagram offers currently:

Personal profiles:

These are suitable for people who want to keep their accounts private and allow only a few people to stay connected with them.

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Business profiles

These are suitable for businesses who want to create a page for their brand

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Creator profiles

Instagram created these profiles primarily for influencers, bloggers, and content creators because of the added benefits it offers

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Benefits of a creator profile

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As a blogger, having a creator profile would be beneficial for these reasons:

Detailed growth data

The creator profile has detailed analytics to check audience demographics, best posting time, follower count, engagement rate, etc.

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Sponsored posts

You can boost your posts through ads just like Facebook and reach a wider audience. This is especially when you sign a deal for Influencer marketing.

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Off-platform links

Direct your audience to an off-Instagram link in the stories (available to profiles with over 10,000 followers) or a link in bio. This helps capture potential leads and convert your followers.

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Streamlined messaging

Filter your direct message box into general, primary, and requests to reply to your audience accordingly.

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With the creator profile, you have exclusive access to Instagram Creator Studio. You can access this on your desktop to check analytics and schedule your posts in advance.

How to set up a creator account?

If you already have a personal or business account, it’s easy to shift to a creator account with a few simple steps:

Open your Instagram account and click on the three lines on the top right corner.

Click on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Account’ in the menu.

On the bottom, click on the option which says, ‘Switch to creator account,’ and press ‘continue.’

You’ll see a list of categories from artist to video creator. Choose the appropriate one for you.

Next, you’ll see a pop-up confirming the switch, and you’re done!

If you’re planning to create a new profile for blogging, you can follow the standard method of signing up on the platform.

And voila, you’re ready to begin your blogging journey on Instagram.

Choose your niche wisely

Choosing a blogging niche is crucial because people will only follow you if they know what kind of value or content they can expect. If you’re an expert and create niche-specific content in one area, you’re likely to attract potential customers and build authority in that niche. For more info about instagram likes check out Comprar likes instagram portugal

For example, here is a blog on parenting

Image source

Suppose you begin blogging about random topics without deciding on a niche. In that case, you could end up confusing your audience. Imagine visiting a page that talks about food, lifestyle, and travel. Would you follow that page for travel or a travel blogger which solely talks about everything travel-related from destinations to hotels?

Now, to decide a niche for your Instagram blog, ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to be known for?

What type of people do you want to attract or build a community with?

What will you be able to create content about consistently?

What is something you’re keen on taking forward as a career?

These questions will help you narrow down a couple of things to choose from and take forward as your niche. It can be as broad as ‘fitness’ or as narrow as ‘fitness for moms.’ The more specific you are, the greater you will establish your authority and convert your audience.

While it’s important to consider your audience, take into account your interests and the earning potential of that niche as well.

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