custom kraft Boxes

What are the benefits of Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes?

Custom printed kraft boxes

The Custom printed kraft boxes consists of the boxes made from the Kraft paper. The Kraft paper or Kraft is the paper board or cardboard that is produce from the chemical pulp that is used in the Kraft process. Kraft paper is made from the wood fiber. This wood fiber is call pulp. This pulp of wood fibers contains natural plant chemicals. These chemicals are lignin and cellulose. Lignin is the chemical that adds durability in boxes and gives them brown color. Kraft is the natural brown color material that makes boxes tough and reliable. They have a quality of bearing a wide range of pressures.

The Kraft paper material has high elasticity and high tear resistance. These boxes are require by marketers due to their strength and durability. The Kraft boxes provide the marketers with utmost satisfaction. Many top-notch brands of the world like McDonald’s, Adidas, Nike, and Samsung use Kraft boxes to encase their products.

There are many kinds of custom Kraft boxes available in different sizes, shapes and styles like Kraft display boxes, Kraft Jewelry boxes, and Kraft Jewelry boxes etc. They are widely use for the packaging of daily used products such as bakery items, fast food items, chemicals, flour bags, cement bags, and fertilizer bags.

Another remarkable feature of the Kraft boxes is that it is the purest paper and completely free from chlorine. It doesn’t need to be process to get its color. It has its own natural brown color. Besides these, there are so many benefits of Custom printed kraft boxes.

Benefits of Custom Kraft Boxes

There are so many reasons that you must opt for custom Kraft boxes. These are as follows:

The Custom Kraft boxes are Eco-Friendly

So many companies have now opted for custom Kraft boxes because they are aware of the unfavorable effects of plastic packages. These are environment friendly boxes that don’t harm the environment. These are made of non-toxic and natural materials. These materials are biodegradable materials that are eco-friendly. When these boxes are disposed of, they don’t produce harmful residues.

The Custom Kraft Boxes are Recyclable

The pure Kraft Paper is made from the unbleached plant material. Interestingly, this material is reusable and recyclable. Thus these boxes are contributing a lot in recycling industry as well.

The custom Kraft Boxes are uncoated

Another incredible feature of Kraft boxes is that they are uncoated. Kraft is a less processed material that has a rough texture. The rougher surface of the boxes makes them resistant against coating and lamination. It is an advantageous feature of the boxes because the coatings and lamination make the recycling process difficult.

The custom Kraft Boxes are easily customizable

The custom Kraft boxes are easily customizable. There are so many ways to customize these boxes. You can use minimal labels, add gold foils, and use bright colors on them. It is easily print anything on the Kraft paper. You can apply black color printing, full color printing or use any vibrant color you want.

The Custom Kraft Boxes are budget-friendly

These are the simplest and cost saving packaging for your products. Kraft boxes are very budget friendly. You can buy them at very affordable prices.

The Custom Kraft Boxes protect the products The custom Kraft boxes protect the products from dust or other germs in the air. These boxes are available in many styles, designs, sizes and shapes in the market.

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