7 Best SEO Tools You Should Use In The Year 2020  

The world we live in has become more advanced in terms of technology, businesses, and every other aspect. Thanks to technology, but it has also given rise to other problems and issues that need to be tackled in due time to prevent the damage.

Where everything has become digital, almost every business is falling into a pit of the digital world, the world of internet and e-commerce. Where it makes it easy for the companies to gain more customers, have better exposure, more opportunities to grow, more sales and profit, efficient business, and improved communication with the customers, it has raised issues like;

  • Making your website worthy
  • Give authenticity
  • Better exposure
  • Better customer experience
  • More recognizable
  • Get the lead

Well, every problem has a solution, so does this. 

SEO is the way to go. It stands for search engine optimization, a process of getting enough traffic from the organic, free, editorial and natural searches on the search engines on the internet. In easiest words, when someone searches something on the internet the most successful sites comes on the top and to make your website one of them it is important to SEO in the most effective way.  

There are a lot of SEO tools that can be used to make certain changes to your website design and content that you put on it, to make it more attractive for search engines. 

Benefits of SEO

Every website needs some SEO for sure to make it work the way it is required to be known and beneficial. 

  • Create brand awareness
  • Leads to better user experience
  • Offer higher conversion rates
  • Increase brand credibility
  • Develop brand awareness 
  • Works as a primary source of leads
  • Keeps you ahead of the competition 
  • Improves the speed of your website
  • Builds a long term marketing strategy 
  • Ensures mobile-friendly user interface 
  • Encourages viewers to visit a physical store 

So, website traffic is the most important to get your business run successfully, audit your website, do competitive research, or just want to get an idea on how well your website ranks on Google, you must use the best SEO tool.  

  1. SEMrush

It is a leading competitor analysis tool that helps its users to evaluate the competitors and their content. It helps users to get the most top-performing websites, pages, keywords, and content whether it is custom printed boxes or any other product information or anything.

It offers the best help for PPC, SEO, sand campaigns, backlinks, keywords, and much more.  

Key features:

  • Organic research; it allows the users to find out the top keywords that are used by the competitors.
  • Product listing ads;SEMrush allows the users to see the competitors’ product listing and product feeds.
  • Traffic Analysis;it accurately shows an online performance and traffic that a website is having. 


  • A bit complicated for newbies
  • More advanced features require a hefty price tag
  • Recorded instances of inaccurate data regarding advertisements and backlinks
  1. Authority Labs

It is one of the best SEO tools with the super user-friendly interface, authority labs give you multiple sites and optimize SEO campaigns. 

Key Features:

  • Global Tracking; it offers tracking for both local and global market.
  • Keyword Targeting; providethe most effective keyword search tools.
  • Free Trial; 30 days of the free trial helps make a purchase.


  • There is no option to change keyword sorting other than in alphabetical order 
  1. Long Tail Pro

It is a keyword research tool that helps you in exploring less competitive keywords that help in achieving high-conversion online traffic. 

Key Features:

  • Create multiple projects; you can keep all your campaigns from multiple websites in an organized manner.
  • Import & Export; they quickly import the keywords in your excel sheet.


  • Limited manual keywords 
  • It offers limited seed keywords
  • It does not offer in analyzing backlinks


SEObility is an all-in-one powerful SEO tool that offers you to monitor your website that helps in SEO optimization. 

Key Features:

  • Rank tracking; it helps you in tracking keywords daily according to the region and demographic area.
  • On-page Analysis;it does on-page crawling and keyword monitoring that improves suggestion to the users 
  1. SEOquake 

It is one of the most prevailing SEO tools with a browser plugin, which offers numerous SEO metrics. When it comes to content marketing, it is useful as it quickly provides detailed information on any website you want.

 Key Features:

  • SEO bar;default SEO bar offers quick and convenient information 
  • SERP overlay;it gives a complete analysis of SEPR. You can also export results to CSV format.
  • Keyword Analysis;detailed and structured keyword report is the most important feature of SEOquake. 


  • Parameters are quite confusing for new users 
  1. Pitchbox

It is an all-in-one solution for the user to streamlines the influencers outreach. It helps users get in touch with the influencers on social media. 

Key Features:

  • E-mail Templates; offers preset email templates to get involved into prospective leads
  • Product Review;it helps in finding the websites that do product reviews 


  • It takes time to load and navigate, which makes it a bit complicated. 
  1. Google Search Console 

It is the best one to elevate your website google ranking for custom boxes wholesale. 

Key Features:

  • Communication Channel;it acts as a communication medium that sends information about the errors that occur on your web.
  • Control centre; you can monitor XML sitemaps to fix errors 


  • Lacks in giving better and accurate warnings
  • The new version lacks some important SEO tools

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