Commercial Window Shield

CWS Selected for Window Film Removal Project at 5 Times Square

NEW YORK – Commercial Window Shield has been retained by RXR Realty for a security window film removal project at the iconic 5 Times Square building in the heart of mid-town Manhattan.

RXR, one of the region’s most prestigious property management companies, has taken over managing the building from its former owner, Ernst & Young. RXR is updating the 40-story building floor-by-floor for new tenants once they sign their lease.

As part of the renovation process, Commercial Window Shield will be removing the shatter resistant window film from the windows on each floor.

The project also includes immediate removal of the security window film installed on the lobby glass. In its place, Commercial Window Shield will install 8-mil blast window film on the lobby glass using a 4-sided wet glaze attachment system.

In 2004, when the building was owned and occupied by Ernst & Young, Commercial Window Shield installed the same film they are now removing. That project entailed installing 8-mil fragment retention film on 4,500 glass panes, which protected more than 134,000 sq. ft. of glass. The scope of the project was so large then property manager Boston Properties allotted 150 days for Commercial Window Shield to complete the work; they finished in 46 days.

Commercial Window Shield is one of the country’s leading installers of security and solar control window films. The company is also a major installer of privacy/decorative window films; radio frequency [RF] films; switchable, smart window films and anti-bird strike windows films.

The company’s major focus in its nearly 40 years in business has been fragment retention and solar control window film installation. Its clients have included the U.S. Capitol, FBI headquarters, the Pentagon, all House of Representative and Library of Congress buildings, Grand Central Terminal, Merrill Lynch headquarters, the United Nations, the Willis [former Sears] Tower, O’Hare and Seattle international airports, and the Philadelphia and Denver mints.

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