Your dream home right before your eyes,  a homemaker’s wish turned to reality!

Yes,  for all you homemakers,  you can always make your dream home come true, and it’s never too late! 

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For some people, living in a home they designed and built is their ultimate dream. For others, this level of customization may seem overkill. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, designing your own home can be very rewarding and fun!

It’s true that most people would like to make their home the happiest place on earth;   and if you’re lucky enough to have a home of your own, why not make it as functional and beautiful as possible?

Whether you are planning to move or are already settled in, there are many ways you can make your space truly yours.

Design experts agree.

“Designing your home is one of the most important things you will do in your life,”  they affirm.

“When you move into a new place, it is like getting ready for an event. A wedding, a birthday party or even moving in with someone special! You want everything to be perfect. After all, this is where you are going to spend most of your time when you are not at work or hanging out with friends,” the experts added. 

These experts further agree that you don’t have to spend a fortune making your home beautiful, elegant, and comfortable.

For England-born  Kevin McCloud,  head of  Grand Designs Live,  he advises that when planning a self-build home, “spend the money on the stuff that is there forever… Think of the architecture,  glazing, and core materials.”

McCloud was interviewed as a guest presenter on BBC Two’s “Homefront”,  his first television appearance.  

In 1999,   he later went on to write Grand Designs Live,  a program that covers elaborate and unusual architectural homebuilding projects,  now on its 21st series produced by Talkback Thames.

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As these big names in the world of interior design suggest,  there is no need to buy expensive furniture or gadgets,  since you can turn an ordinary room into something spectacular by adding some nice touches like candles, paintings on the wall, flowers, or simple ornamental greens.   These home decor will not only improve the aesthetics of the room, they will also make you feel happier and calmer when you spend time there.

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Today, more than ever before, people are seeking new ways to express their individuality. People want to make their homes not only comfortable but also an expression of themselves.

Designing expert Cristian Zuzuzaga also suggests soliciting kind advice from well-meaning friends.

“When I  first move to a new place I would start by having an inspiration session with some friends. Find people you trust and love as they will most certainly give you good advice based on what they know about you and how they envisage the space will work for you. It’s really important when designing a new scheme,” Zuzuzaga says.

Renowned Australian interior designer and television personality Shaynna Blaze,  best known for her work as co-host on “Selling Houses Australia”  and also winning  Celebrity Apprentice Australia,  also gives her advice on designing home interiors.

“The best interiors are those that take you and your lifestyle into consideration.  When focusing only on the final look,  it will lack soul,” Blaze explains.

Definitely,  designing your home is both a  thrilling and nerve-wracking experience,  with so many decisions to make, from the floor plan of your house to the furniture that will fill it. To some, designing the perfect home is a gratifying process, but for others, it can be overwhelming.

Just like what the experts say,   your home is your sanctuary, indeed.

Your home is where you go to relax and enjoy the company of your family,  and there’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day at work or school to a place that looks exactly how you want it to look.

And when designing your dream home, remember what is most important to you, not what is in style this year. It’s about putting the things in your house that are important to you and making them feel unique and special.

So no matter how old you are, you can always make some upgrades or changes to the environment in which you spend most of your time 15minutes4me. You can do this by improving your living space, or making it more enjoyable for yourself and everyone around you.

And if you’re ready to start designing your home sweet home,  don’t let anyone stop you! 

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Good luck to you and your designing journey to a more beautiful and elegant home!

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