Find the Perfect Countertop While Exploring All the Colors of Granite

In Toledo and the rest of America, a huge number of our public buildings, curbstones, memorials, and hard landscapes are crafted from locally sourced granites. That may be why when you think of granite counters, you imagine an ocean of sparkling white, gray, and pink supporting your daily meals. amazon ivermectina para humanos But granite is now found in a huge variety of colors from black to rich rusty reds and even shades of blue or green.

Where Does Granite Get Its Color?

The classic white and gray granite gets its light even color from feldspar and plagioclase. It begins life as molten magma and cools over millions of years deep underground. It collects shards of quartz that lends it that iconic sparkle. But its color variations that are so popular in kitchen counters come from the other types of rock that got mixed up in the magma, and that depends on its location throughout the world.

Rose granite hails from the Rocky Mountains. Massachusetts provides loads of pink granite. White granite streaked with bold black can be found in the upper Midwest. But that is just a few examples of this beautiful stone.

Unique and Exciting Stones are Surfacing In India, China, and Brazil

Over the past century, other nations around the world have opened their own granite quarries. India produces special slabs such as Blue Dunes and Jhansi Red.

Brazil is discovering truly unique granites as they continue to expand quarry operations. Their stones are in high demand with bold, large inclusions found on Ubatuba Green granite. Wild striations accent Gold and Alps White tones down the bright quartz with a balance of black swirls and splotches. invertex piojos

Of course, China is also breaking into the market. These slabs are often nearly solid black such as the popular Juparana and Brown versions. A stunning Blue features wide swirling stripes against a light off-white background.

Visit a Showroom to See Granite Slabs that are Now Available

The Countertop Shop sources our granite and marble slabs from across the globe. You can expect to find a wide variety of options for your kitchen or bath renovation. However, the only way to decide which type of granite is right for you is to experience the impact of a full-size slab in person. We often find that clients may come in with one expectation and make a completely different decision once they see the number of possibilities displayed in our showroom. Better yet, by working with our available pieces, you will avoid delays while waiting for a special order slab to arrive from overseas.

Are you inspired to explore all the possibilities that granite brings to your home renovation? Stop by The Countertop Shop out on Airport Highway in Monclova and expand your vision for the ultimate kitchen with one of our gorgeous granite slabs.

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