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Television transmission rights are one of the most powerful mechanisms in the field of the sports industry, since through them a product with a high penetration in a determined audience can be acquired by paying high amounts for it. However, the investment is usually very profitable with the presence of advertisers in their respective signals. العاب بطاقات These brands, in turn, can take advantage of the moment to generate attraction among the viewing public, thus becoming a true virtuous circle. On this occasion we will inspect the way in which the major soccer leagues act in this regard.

Premier league

The Premier League has just entered into a 3-year deal ending in the 2018-2019 campaign valued at £5.136m for local exposure. Revenues from this modality will be favored with a price of around 70% higher compared to the previous agreement valued at £3,018 million.

Sky Sports was awarded in these new opportunity 5 packages for £4,130 million and 126 live games, while BT Sports took 2 more consisting of 42 games at £960 million. The rule states that a network can purchase a maximum of 5 live streaming packages. The figure is complemented by other payments made by the BBC (£204 million) to 해외축구 중계사이트 summaries and that of other networks reaching nearly £5.5 billion. The league

With the 2015-2016 seasons, the Spanish league decided to revolutionize the way in which it managed transmission rights in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law in which the management of all of them became the property of the league. Previously, each of the clubs was in charge of the negotiations and received an additional amount for the sponsorships of the League.

In the first season of the model,

 The national rights were led by Telephonic and given at €614,711 million. Earnings from abroad went from €236 to €622,422 million. The worldwide deal was deducted €93.105 million for the sales commission awarded to Mediocre. اين يلعب سواريز

As of 2016-2017, the League has €2.65 billion available from local deals and €1.5 billion to €1.8 billion from the international market to spread over the next 3 years. The Royal Spanish Federation (RFEF) receives 2% of that total; the Professional Football League (LFP) 1%, relegated teams 3.5% and 1.5% is given to high-performance athletes and non-professional football. The other 92% of the total amount is further divided into 90% for first division clubs and 10% for second division clubs Bundesliga

Ahead of the 2017-2018 season,

 the German league implemented a new rule to open up the granting of live broadcast rights to more networks, instead of giving exclusivity to just one of them as was currently the case with Sky Deutschland. With this agreement, income from this concept will improve substantially. عدد بطولات رونالدو مع البرتغال

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