Football Field Products to Consider:

how many acres are required for a Soccer field? Micro Rain has various football field irrigation options and benefits to choose from. These machines are great for any sports facility because of their portability, ease of operation, and unequal performance capabilities. It uses the easy tow hitch design to carry the Micro Rain from field to field. The Micro Rain Traveler can be use with various water sources, including municipal water, wells, and even surface water from ponds, rivers, and other bodies of water. como tomar ivermectina manipulada

Each machine has a flow range for its hose size, and with the help of our technical department, we can help you size your water source pipe or adapt the suitable machine to your existing water source, ensuring that you get the most out of your Micro Rain traveler. Boost pump kits are add to any Micro Rain voyager to improve performance.

The following are some of the most frequent models seen on football pitches.

Dimensions of the football field: 360 ft. x 160 ft.

In small or more significant fields where two settings are suitable, the MR32 that is use. ivermectina gotas para que se utiliza The two-wheel design can be move by hand or convert to tow with an optional hitch kit. Operates on a 1 inch (or 3/4 inch) line “garden hose with enough flow and pressure) and requires 7 to 22 gallons per minute of water flow to produce wet surfaces up to 308 feet long and 132 feet broad. CAN DOGS USE THE IVERMECTIN PASTE The MR32 is an excellent alternative for smaller athletic fields or even larger areas where the more excellent capacity machines are not workable.

Irrigated Width Greatest: 132 feet Irrigated Length Most: 308 feet Size of I Inlet: 1″

The Micro Rain MR58 has 460 feet of tube length, which is ideal for covering fields with different grass regions outside of the standard playing field borders, when your water source allows for higher flow rates. The bigger MR 58, with flows up to 100 gallons per minute it can alter a football field in a single pass! Flow rates of 25 to 100 gallons per minute are support, with coverages of up to 200 feet broad and 568 feet long. The MR58 can be equipped with our 9hp solid onboard booster package for optimal performance.

Irrigated Width Greatest: 200 feet Irrigated Length Largest: 568 feet Size of I Inlet: 2″

The Micro Rain MR63 has the highest volume capacity in the Micro Rain family! This model comes with a 328-foot hose with a big diameter of 2.1 inches. For professional irrigators, the MR63 can use up to 140 gallons per minute if enough volumes of water are available. Football grounds with both natural and artificial surfaces that where enormous amounts of water are suppling, are among the applications for the MR63. This model also comes with a 9hp booster pump kit, and irrigated coverages of up to 250 feet wide and 450 feet long are possible!

Irrigate Width Greatest: 250 feet Irrigate Length Most: 450 feet Size of I Inlet: 2″


The technical area includes both teams’ dugouts, with a box built in front of each dugout outside the rectangular field. Only one person, the manager, or the coach, may tell the players within the box.

Sports are an inextricable aspect of everyone’s life, whether watching or playing. Every time you watch football from now on and you’ll be aware of the Football Ground dimensions and be able to relate to this post.

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