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Foxy Eyes: How to Have the Fashionable Look

With the ability to change almost every aspect of our appearance, a new surgical treatment known as “foxy eyes” or “cat eyes” has become quite well-liked. Top models worldwide and Instagram stars have used the fox eyes lift, thanks to Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family. With almond-shaped eyes and arched eyebrows becoming desired, a new ideal of beauty has evolved. She does so because she emanates the self-assurance and allure of a woman who is sure of the meaning of her existence.

Get Foxy Eyes.

Two methods are frequently used to create “foxy eyes.” The alternative is daily makeup, which is rather short-lasting and involves about 30 minutes of meticulous, daily application. Foxy Eyes Lifting is an entirely painless and safe cosmetic procedure that takes up to 40 minutes and gives you the foxy eyes look for up to a year.

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The Foxy Eyes Lift Procedure.

A lateral brow lift performed by Foxy Eye Lifts using threads rapidly revitalises the eyes and temples. The doctor will inject the threads around the outer margins of your eyebrows after giving you a local anaesthetic, then carefully lift them toward your hairline to produce the appropriate lifting effect before securing them in place. The threads are wholly absorbent and comply with all safety criteria for use. The desired foxy eyes impression lasts up to a year even though the body completely absorbs the threads. Plastic Surgery in lahore uses only the finest Mint Threads for this surgery. All of these aim to physically or artistically softly draw the outer edge of the upper eyelid toward the temples.

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Dissolvable sutures are used in the non-surgical skin tightening and lifting procedure known as the thread lift. This operation may be completed in about 45 minutes without a scalpel. The Polydioxane Thread Lifter utilises biodegradable polyester suture thread (PDO). Newer variants of lifting threads are better suited for drooping skin.

PDO Threads

One of the three most common thread types used in thread lifting is PDO thread. The colourless polyester used in their construction will break down in your body in about six months. The body’s fibroblasts, a kind of cell, enhance the creation of collagen in reaction to the presence of these threads in the skin. The protein collagen is in charge of the skin’s resilience and rigidity. The loss of collagen has a significant role in skin ageing.

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Polydioxolene-based gear threads (PDO). PDO threads can be divided into three major categories:

  • Monofilament PDO threads. The usage of soft threads promotes collagen synthesis, assisting in skin renewal.
  • The barbs on the threads work as tiny hooks to anchor to your skin and support your face.
  • Screw threads are made from PDO. One or two braided threads are employed to raise the drooping skin.

Thread Types and Uses

Different thread types are superior at doing particular jobs. Compared to PDO-made threads, PLA- and PCA-made threads are more recent. They increase the body’s collagen and have a longer half-life. While PLA and PCA fibres are better at tightening sagging skin, PDO yarns are superior for tissue deposition and activation.

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This is the thread to utilise when discussing surgical procedures.

  • Skin that has lost its youthful suppleness; PDO mono.
  • Mild facelift with screws or DOP.
  • Polylactic acid and polycyclic acid can give the skin a slight facelift by improving suppleness and smoothness.
  • Significant plastic surgery facelift.

PDO Facelift Problems

When done by a qualified specialist, scarring, severe bruising, or extensive bleeding can be avoided. A slight issue will arise in 15% to 20% of procedures, although these issues are usually fixable. Many problems could develop, including:

  • Open sores (especially in those with thin skin).
  • Pain.
  • Just a tiny bit battered.
  • The thread has been severed.
  • Infected.
  • Hematoma.
  • Inflammation.
  • Dimples.
  • Hair fall.
  • Damaged salivary glands.

PDO Line Lifting Treats The Face

Thread lifting can be used to address the majority of ageing-related facial regions. The eyes, cheeks, chin, and neck are the areas that receive treatment the most frequently. To acquire the best results, thread lifts are commonly paired with other anti-ageing procedures like ultra therapy or dermal fillers because their outcomes aren’t quite as dramatic as those of cosmetic surgery.

Preparing For A Procedure

Allows for improved therapeutic outcomes and more speedy healing. You may have been advised to avoid alcohol and tobacco in the days before surgery since they may increase the risk of severe bleeding or bruising. The week before surgery, smoking and alcohol should be avoided due to their dehydrating and potentially anaesthetic-blocking effects.

  • Omega fish oil, vitamin E, garlic, chile ginseng, and other supplements should be avoided for at least two days before therapy. Avoid drinking green tea and ginger tea. 
  • Aspirin-based medications, including naproxen, neurophene, and ibuprofen, should not be taken because they increase the chance of bleeding and have other adverse side effects.
  • Avoid the strenuous exercises and visit the steam room instead. Your doctor can give you more specific instructions before you start treatment. On the day of the procedure, your doctor will go over the risks of the procedure and the recovery period with you.
  • Your doctor may tweak the usual operating procedure or maybe make a total modification.

As you lean forward, a surgeon will clean your face with alcohol. Your skin will be pierced with a needle to administer local anaesthesia. Your doctor will use a different needle to make a tiny incision, and then they will insert a cannula into the tiny hole. After removing the sleeve, your surgeon will clamp the wire in place. To do this, they will cut the wire and verify the installation once more. Getting to go home soon after the procedure is guaranteed.

Recovery Time For Foxy Eyes Lift

Even though the patient might resume regular activities immediately after surgery, full recovery takes two to three days. The patient can enjoy their new glamorous and foxy appearance three days after the surgery. Mild swelling and bruises may arise at the surgical site but rarely disappear within a week.

How Long Does The Lift Last

Depending on the type of skin, the degree of skin sagging, and the initial shape of the eyes, the results may vary from person to person. Depending on the severity of the skin problem, the patient’s lifestyle, and post-procedure self-care, results could last anywhere from six months to a year. According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a surgeon with 16 years of threading experience saw effects that lasted between one year and nine years. In younger individuals, the effects often last for three to four years. The advantages usually become apparent after a year, but older people with less elastic skin may take longer to see any changes. Thread liftings carried out using PLA and PCA typically last longer since the suture thread takes longer to degrade.


Blepharoplasty is also referred to as eyelid surgery. Plastic surgeons execute blepharoplasty in lahore operating room under general or local anaesthesia. A portion of the fatty tissue and excessive skin from the eyelids are removed during the treatment to renew the eyes and enhance their look. The recovery process takes a while (between 7 and 14 days). Patients with fatty tissue around their eyelids or the elderly may benefit from this procedure. The results are long-lasting. The dangers associated with surgical blepharoplasty include the potential for unanticipated and long-lasting side effects and the risks associated with any surgical procedure.

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