Functions of PDA Scanners

As barcodes and 2Ds become more common, PDA scanners are increasingly used in logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and other fields. They are usually sturdy, durable and portable. They are suitable for use in many harsh environments.

PDA scanner features

1, wireless data transmission

The data transmission distance of traditional scanners is limited due to the cable. Sometimes it is put in place for use. Data cables are difficult to arrange and devices are not easy to carry around. المربع الذهبي لليورو

Instead, PDA scanner connects to your computer over a wireless network. This allows users to conveniently and timely exchange information anytime, anywhere.

2, multifunctional

The PDA reader can be customized to your needs. It includes functions such as 1D barcode reading, 2D code reading, RFID, NFC, DPM code reading, fingerprint recognition and navigation. بطوله اليورو 2024

3, long battery life, easy to carry

Generally, PDA barcode scanners are divided into two categories: industrial and consumer use. Industrial equipment outperforms consumer equipment in terms of performance, stability and battery life.

PDA scanner application

Logistics and warehousing

A courier or warehouse application may use the device to collect data. Once the delivery barcode is scanned, the invoice information is sent to the server over the wireless network. At the same time, you get the latest business information. نتائج اليورو 2024

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