Get to Know the Rider: A Biographical Sketch

It’s important to get to know your rider before you start working together. Understanding their background, values, and priorities will help you form a relationship that serves your shared goals. It will also help the rider feel safe and comfortable around you, so they can be honest and open in sharing their experience with you. This article provides an overview of the bio info that riders typically need from drivers, including an outline of the questions you should ask about their family, job, education, and interests in order to help them feel comfortable with you on their ride-hailing trip.


Longtime motocross rider and current Enduro Cross competitor Tatum Sik will be joining the FMF KTM Factory Racing team for the 2020 season. The California native started riding at age five and began racing at eight. Throughout his career, Sik has won several championships, most notably taking first in both the 2013 and 2014 AMA Enduro Cross Championships. In addition to his accomplishments on the track, Sik is also a talented mechanic and owns his WPC2027 own business, Motozuku, which specializes in Japanese motorcycle parts and service. Now that you know a little more about Tatum Sik, read on to find out what he had to say about his upcoming season with FMF KTM Factory Racing. The next few years are going to be exciting as I get back into my racing groove! I am so excited to start testing and preparing for 2020 – it’s been too long since I’ve been on the track.

I think all of my strengths will help me succeed this year. It’s always tough coming back from injury or trying something new, but having raced before means I’m able to handle changes better than others.

If anything, this may give me an advantage because I’ll have less pressure on myself, said Sik. I’ll just need to go out there and ride.

Early Days

It all started when I was just a kid, growing up in Southern California. My parents had a small ranch where we kept horses, and I would ride every chance I got. I loved the freedom of being on horseback, and the connection I felt with my horse. As I got older, I started competing in rodeos and barrel races. I was pretty successful, but it wasn’t until I met Slim that everything changed. He taught me how to rope, break wild broncos, and become one of the best riders around. He even helped me start my own team roping business! And while I still compete in rodeos whenever I can find time, these days most of my focus is on training other riders who want to be champions like me. Now you know a little bit more about me and what I love. If you’re looking for someone to help you get started riding or take your skills to the next level, give me a call–I’d love to talk!

First Year as Pro

In 2018, I became a professional BMX racer. It was a huge learning curve, going from being an amateur to being a professional. I had to learn how to travel, how to race against the best in the world, and how to deal with the pressure that comes with being a professional athlete. But I loved every minute of it. The more challenging it is, the more fun I have. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I will continue to work hard until my last breath. I hope that people can read about my story and feel inspired. And not just those who want to become professional athletes but also those who are living their lives as one. We all face challenges and adversity but we need to remember that there is always a way out – if you’re willing to take the risk. I am so lucky to be doing what I love and I hope that reading about my journey inspires others to live life on their own terms.

Breakthrough Ride

Christopher McCandless was born in El Segundo, California, on February 12, 1968. He was the middle child of Wilhelmina Billie McCandless (née Johnson) and Walt McCandless. At an early age, Chris’s parents divorced, which had a profound and lasting effect on him. As a result of the divorce, Chris became very close to his maternal grandparents, whom he later credited with having had the biggest influence on his formative years. In particular, his grandmother, who acted as a surrogate parent for him during this time in their lives. She gave him unconditional love and emotional support throughout his childhood, no matter what happened. After graduating from high school in 1986, McCandless graduated from Emory University in 1990 at the age of 22. Shortly after graduating college, McCandless set out on a journey that would make him one of America’s most notorious nomads before his death at 27 years old.

Recent Results

It has been a busy season for the rider, with many podium finishes. The rider started off the season strong, winning the first two races. Since then, the rider has been consistent, with several top-three finishes. The rider is currently ranked second in the standings and is looking to move up in the coming races. The rider’s favorite food is sushi and his favorite movie is No Country for Old Men.

When he isn’t riding, the rider likes to spend time at home cooking and reading. He has recently finished John Steinbeck’s East of Eden. The rider’s favorite type of bike race is cross country. His favorite color is blue and he wears size 10 shoes.

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