Health and future delivery AM?

It is a feeling, of course. Most importantly, AM radio was one of the oldest radios (since 19 1919), as the mid-range clock showed. In the past, there was little air travel, perhaps shipping, only a few ports on the coast (foreign telegram) and enthusiasts. AM was one of the first children of the Mother Spectrum show, and sad to see the end of it.

In times of technology and communication turmoil,

There is almost no change in imperfection. As a runner, you can’t compete well, your audience is declining, the economy is declining, you end up closing in on criticism and interest. Try to prepare nba중계

According to FCC regulations, AM-FM broadcasters have been imported into the United States for decades. Have frequent FM access for broadcasting in the United States; Everyone appreciates the value of stereo FM. n too much reduces the market share, and less software shows this.

AM radio stations have already been deployed in sparsely populated rural areas, providing news and entertainment to remote communities. The presence of several “clean canals” at night to control the AM station has made the whole of America “connected” to large numbers of people in an impossible way.

AM channel removal settings are also available.

 Now almost every city has an FM station or service from a neighboring city. Satellite radio can transmit signals to almost anywhere in America, giving users many programs and variations from different AM models. The Internet has a good media system.

What is the current AM status? Let’s first look at engineering. Over the past 75 years, it may not have made much progress in the advertising industry. Its advanced technology is still available: bandwidth is limited by frequency, continuous access and control of the art form due to ionospheric radiation at night. There is no FM bandwidth for VHF broadcasts.

But there is no hope for future AM updates.

 Well, this is AM HD programming (ie IBOC). Of course, this can lead to some differences in FM performance. However, IBOC, as a practice today, actually requires a channel of 20 kHz (also bandwidth); See Spectrum Analyzer to make sure. So, if you want to keep the AM bandwidth at the IBOC, turn on the entire 20 kHz bandwidth system.

From an economic point of view, AM FM does not compete with most of its music sites. All AM shows now (usually) have news / games / chat. All of these systems work well on FM. There is nothing special about AM. Amos, Andy and the big chain are gone.

The thing is: we don’t want an AM show anymore!

We can do this successfully on FM radio / terrestrial Internet radio. Well, Kermadzone cried out in tears: “Death is over! We choose one day, maybe in 15-20 years, we will finish it with ambition and noise. There is a need to revisit the global television industry in the future. On the one hand.

The same principles apply to AM radio and international television. Time advertisers should receive a tax break for the immediate reduction of their sponsorship and licenses. Beautiful land can be expected by selling the tourist attractions of the older cities. Now these sites are very useful!

But what about moving forward with your plans after sunset?

Unfortunately, technology can help! Its programming, information / games / audio channels, HD-2, HD-3, etc. are well suited for developed VHF-FM ports. channel. Indeed, in one city, at least one AM group has begun broadcasting its programs on FM-2 in the same city. Of course, safety affects FM HD.

Finally, if we ‘left’ more than one MHz between the spectrum, what would we use it for? This question begs the old-fashioned notion

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