Healthy physical activity: 15 practical recommendations 

Currently, many sedentary people are not aware of how detrimental “lack of movement” is to their health. This sedentary lifestyle directly leads to the appearance of so-called hypokinetic diseases and other associated risks: overweight, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, thrombosis… At the same time, it also prevents us from fighting those pathologies already established in our body: asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, depression… (let’s not forget that the concept of health proposed by the WHO includes not only physiological variables, but also psychological and social ones).

    The World Health Organization has offered us incontestable data that confirms these theses. So in the year 2001:

Inactive lifestyles became one of the 10 fundamental causes of death and disability in the world.

Approximately two million deaths annually were attributed to physical inactivity. gry kasyno na telefon

It is no coincidence that the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland), which are the ones with the largest physically active population, are also the ones with the highest life expectancy and therefore a better quality of life.

    Therefore we see that there is a big problem of Quantity of Physical Activity , that is, sedentary lifestyle. But… when can we define a person as sedentary? Héctor Croxatto offers two possibilities:

When the weekly expenditure on physical activity does not exceed 2000 kcal

When a single weekly activity is carried out, even if it exceeds those 2000 kcal

    It has been established that the structures and functions of the organism need stimulation at least every two days. Thus, Nicolás Terrados, a specialist in Sports Medicine, affirms in an article published in the newspaper “La Nueva España” that “human genetics is prepared for exercise, what is unnatural is the lack of activity. zakłady sportowe stawki ” Therefore, this sedentary lifestyle is a clear attack on the body. This thesis, which seems so accepted, does not seem to be so clear among many individuals, it is enough to look at any study of the frequency of physical activity practice in our country.

    This defines the quantitative aspect, the amount of practice, awareness of the need to exercise structures and functions of the body.

    But almost more important is the Quality of Physical Activity

 the way in which those who have acquired the physical-sports habit carry out these activities.

    If our ultimate goal is the search for health, we must put aside most of the theses established for professional nba중계, since only those who dedicate themselves completely to the world of sports will be able to withstand large volumes and intensities of the load. Therefore it is necessary to differentiate between sport, physical exercise and physical activity. gry hazardowe pl

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