high efficiency gas fires

High Efficiency Gas Fires

Gas fireplaces, which were long and mostly considered a decorative component in your home. We have advanced significantly in recent years as a result of rising energy prices. Manufacturers’ main focus is now on efficiency. The latest high efficiency gas fires are designed to look great. Also they can be used as a genuine heat source for your home. Homeowners now want an appliance that can provide decent warmth into the room.

There is a high efficiency alternative for you whether you have an existing fireplace. Want a full change and want a fashionable ‘hole-in-the-wall’ style fire, or enjoy the elegance of a wood burner. But prefer the ease of gas. There are shallower types built specifically for Class 2 prefabricated and pre-cast flues. As well as balanced flue gas fireplaces designed for installation on a flat.

Advantages of Gas fires

The benefits of a glass front are obvious, such as lower operating costs. However, glass fronted gas fires typically lose a little depth due to the glass being situated where the front row of coals would be, and the look of the fire can be modified.

Glass fronted fires require extra maintenance since the glass must be removed on a regular basis to remove marks and prevent permanent staining.

Some people believe that the savings in operating costs outweigh the minor drawbacks of glass fronted fires. But I believe that the open fronted fires look much better and that it is worth sacrificing the 10% difference in efficiency to gain the look and realism of an open fronted fire.

Saving Money

High-efficiency gas fireplaces are especially useful in homes where you only need to heat one room on a regular basis rather than heating the entire house with central heating.  

Reduce fuel wastage

Many new gas fireplaces are up to 100 per cent efficient, which means no gas is wasted. You may not realize that you are squandering gas every time you use your older gas fireplace, but this is exactly what happens in many cases. You may often accomplish the same amount of warmth with significantly less gas by simply replacing an obsolete model. All of our high-efficiency gas fires are labelled as such in-store and on our website, so you can check the energy efficiency of your preferred model before you buy.

Attractive modern designs

Gas fireplaces have come a long way in recent decades. You’re likely to find one that suits your style, size, and budget. A registered specialist can swiftly and easily install a modern gas fire, which can improve the ambience of any room. Even when it is not in use, the appropriate fire can be the main point of your room, benefiting its surroundings. If you are looking modern design of high efficiency gas fires then you must contact Nexus.

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