high quality press on nails


If you can’t have an enviable manicure for various reasons, with long and healthy nails, you can always use false nails. When they appeared on the market, these materials gave rise to many criticisms, including the fact that their application can damage the natural nail.

The truth is that they does not only protect the nail making it stronger, but if applied and cared for properly, the risks can be reduced.

Experts say that using press on nails is a process similar to dyeing your hair. Since you used them once, you need to keep going.


It is advisable that when you want to make such a choice, you should choose high quality press on nails of XianXing beauty. In XianXing beauty’s online store there are the best adhesive materials and press on nails, suitable for every type of nail and for every type of manicure. To maintain a manicure with our press on nails, you will not need to visit the salon every two to three weeks to rearrange them. What is very good is that the nail polish lasts much longer on the surface of our press on nails, unlike natural nails.

To make a wise choice, it is good to know what types of press on nails are available at XianXing beauty:

Regardless of work or age, all women are required to take care of their hands and nails. Nails are said to be the most important aspect of a woman. What could be more beautiful than to always have a flawless manicure?

Nowadays, it is easy to always have long nails with our press on nails. A spectacular manicure is obtained by applying our press on nails on the nail and building with their help the appearance of a perfect nail. Our press on nails are available in different designs, shapes, colors, sizes and lengths.

Our press on nails are offered as a set and meet all your needs at once. Our press on nails sets are suitable for you to decorate your fingernails. With the adhesives included in the set, you can easily attach the nails and enjoy the pleasant use. Our matte colored press on nail models as well as bright colored nails are also widely preferred.


Our press on nails can last for more than 2 weeks. They are an alternative if the natural nails do not grow long enough or the nail has a less feminine shape, they break easily.

Our press on nails always create a perfect French manicure. The dream of always having long and flawless nails is finally coming true with the help of our press on nails. Their application does not mean that we cannot continue to do our daily chores, but on the contrary, we can do everything without taking care of them. Moreover, we can forget about the small imperfections of the nails, which become invisible. If your natural nails never grow long enough as you would like, our press on nails also solve this problem, they can be as long as you want and they will have a perfect shape, creating an ideal symmetry.

The nail polish will last longer on our press on nail and will keep its shine longer. But what if you broke a nail? No problem, you can reapply our press on nail and in a few minutes, it will be like new.

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