How Can an Extended Deep Plane Facelift Surgeon Help You?

Trying to remove the tell-tale signs of aging can be extremely challenging. You may conceal a few stray wrinkles by application of cosmetics but the deeper lines and wrinkled appearance all over the face cannot be obliterated so easily. One of the proven ways of improving your appearance despite aging is to undergo surgery for a face lift. Sure, it is an invasive procedure but the results may not be quite as you hoped. Consult with a top Extended Deep Plane Facelift surgeon instead to learn about how you can obtain better results without going through the process repeatedly.

Reasons to undergo an extended deep plane facelift

What can you expect after an extended deep plane facelift then?  Here are some associated facts that are sure to please you greatly:

  • You will find the volume of fat underneath the facial skin restored and distributed naturally. Your cheeks look fuller as a result and you look decidedly younger. Plus, you get all of this without any filler.
  • The primary reason for undergoing a face lift is to have a well-defined jawline once again. The presence of jowls and a flabby double chin mar your appearance making you look years older than your actual age. No worries! This type of face life will work wonders. Your jawline will be sharply defined and do not have to be bothered with sagging fat showing below the chin or be concerned about the laxity of the jaw.
  • Do not have any anxious moments about the pulled appearance that is so commonly found in individuals who undergo facelifts. The extended deep plane facelift will address all points of tension with the experienced surgeon removing the skin and muscular layer deftly to tighten it appreciably. The extra fat will be removed too. The components are replaced and sutured in at a natural angle so that the skin is not pulled in any direction. The outcome will be most natural with no individual being able to discover evidence of surgery unless you choose to tell the truth.
  • Recovery may not be instantaneous but a perfectly done extended deep plane facelift surgery will help you to heal without complications. You will be blessed with radiant, blemish-free skin that makes you look years younger. Plus you will not have to put up with fine lines and deep furrows or sagging skin anymore.

The information that you obtain after a prolonged consultation with the surgeon of choice is definite to make you feel good about yourself. Do not be plagued with doubts about your suitability, however. Remember that you are going to be a good candidate for the procedure when you meet the following criteria:

  • You are between 40 and70 years of age
  • Enjoy good health and have not been diagnosed with serious ailments
  • Is a non-smoker and do not consume alcohol every day
  • You are upset about wrinkled and sagging skin on your face and neck region
  • You desire a long-term solution

You are welcome to ask all questions and get your doubts cleared by the highly skilled Extended Deep Plane Facelift surgeon before deciding to go for it.

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