How Is Impossible To Decide In Advance Sport Is Interesting For Its Improvisation

Of course, there are all kinds of experts and analysts who can create the feeling of a “planned improvisation”, but when the leader of the National Football Championship CSKA loses to the team from the bottom of the Lucha-Energy standings with a score of 4-0, it becomes clear that the direct the broadcast of this match is likely to attract a smaller audience than its replay, after the result is known. Millions of fans and sports fans, including non-football people, will join the screens to personally capture the event in all its details. But such matches are not uncommon; remember the victory of the Koreann national football team over the French team, the victory of FC Spartak and FC Lokomotiv over European giants in the Champions League matches and the entire European Basketball Championship of 2007. تعلم القمار

These matches are of historical value

Every detail, every frame, every word of the commentator is important for devoted fans. And here a very important question arises for such events: what details and how to select during the broadcast? More than one generation of documentary filmmakers has been searching for the answer to this question. المراهنة Remember: the camera captures history, reality, or is it just a vision of this reality by the cameraman? Is it possible to just put the camera and “water” and it will be a “documentary” shooting or is this not enough?

 There is something like that in the broadcasts of the National Football Championship, right?

 Given that the director and cameraman decide what will be in the frame and what is not (at the same time, what does not fall into the frame occurs in the World in parallel to what is decided to be taken there, and happens at the same time and, perhaps, is of great value), then can they be trusted,

At the same time, we note that if directors and cameramen in a documentary film have time to select material, decide what will fall into the “thing” and what will not, build a “picture”, shoot in the right colors, through the right filter, reshoot, mount at the right tempo. , to impose a musical theme that emphasizes the atmosphere of the frame and then the director of the 해외스포츠중계 of a sporting event has none of this. Here, the details, the atmosphere, the nature of the event – all this is determined in real time, and in real time you need to make a decision, determining what will go into history and what will not. The characters that determine the intrigue, the result of the match, are also “bare”, which is called “right now”, and because of whether the director and cameraman notices it or not and how they present it, not only my, the viewer’s, feelings during viewing depend,

“Last year I was in Ukraine and watched a football match on television,”

 Andrey Stegantsov says in an interview. The picture was a shabby field, and the distant plan captured some kind of military fence with various inscriptions, a five-story building where people sit on balconies and watch football for free, some pipes. These are, of course, details, but only with a plus sign or a minus sign? Why do those who direct filming on location (cameramen, directors) think that people will only watch the match and the players? Don’t colors matter? In Europe, the lawn is at least colored and in good condition, and many Ukrainian fields have earthy bald patches near the goalkeepers. بلاك جاك اون لاين This is also a detail. And sports clubs, not just television, should work on this as well.”

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