How Scientists Use Knockout Mice To Cure Disease

The knockout mouse has been around since the early 1980s. It is a species of mouse that has been modified so that a certain gene has been deleted or inactivated. It is an important tool for scientists to study how individual genes affect the overall function of living organisms. كلاب السلوقي

What is a knockout mouse?

A knockout mouse is a specially designed mouse that is missing one or more genes, or a “knockout.” The goal is to show the effect of certain genes by removing them from the animal. Knockout mice are a great tool for understanding how genes work and their effects.

The process of creating a knockout mouse

Creating a knockout mouse is quite simple. First, scientists use genetic engineering to remove one or more genes from an organism’s DNA. This change will show what role the gene plays in the health of the organism. Then they inject the modified DNA into fertilized eggs from which the nuclei have been removed. عدد بطولات مانشستر سيتي These fertilized eggs are then implanted into the female animal and left for the gestation period. After birth, the cubs are also used for scientific purposes.

How knockout mice are used in science

Knockout mice are often used in scientific research. Scientists create a genetic deletion by removing a certain genetic sequence from the mouse genome. This is done by injecting the mouse with a virus modified so that it carries the desired gene sequence. The virus can penetrate cells of all tissues and transmit the genetic defect to all cells in the body. لعبة الشيش اون لاين As a result, the mouse cannot produce proteins because it is missing a certain gene.


Coincidentally, the same process used in the study is also being used in a new attempt to treat Alzheimer’s disease. For more information on knockout mice, contact Cyagen.

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