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How to be Headstrong in a Male-Dominated Working Environment

It is not easy to be a strong-willed woman in a male-dominated working environment. Men are usually called strong-willed whereas women get labeled as “bossy”.

Well, we have some practical tips for thriving in the office-even when the gender ratio isn’t in your favor.


Learn to say NO to the projects you do not have the capacity to complete and stand up for the ones you wish to do. We tend to think that saying “YES” in every situation makes for a good employee but that is not the case. See, if you never say no, you will eventually hurt yourself and your company in the long run.


Have you ever seen successful men in the workplace running around and picking their boss’s lunch or coffee? If you’re not an assistant, DO NOT act like one. Yes, if it’s a one-time thing then you can pitch in but try not to make it a routine especially if your male co-workers never volunteer!


Most women experience “imposter syndrome”. It is the feeling that women have that they aren’t capable of praising or accepting responsibility for their successes. Please change that and learn to accept praise without feeling guilty. No one should be able to tell you to “think like a man”. Ladies own your achievements!

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Make sure that the stress of working in a male-dominated environment does not stop you from supporting your female peers. Women will always end up having more things in common like; childcare, wage talk, and other gender-based discrimination.


If you want to join the famous “Circle of Trust” then don’t get sensitive about petty issues. You can gain entry into your male colleague’s “Circle of Trust” when they know that they can be themselves around you without being reported to HR.

Note: Please know that there is a line between staying cool and harassment. HARASSMENT IS NOT OKAY.

Always remember that if you’re waiting for someone to recognize your value, you may well be waiting forever. You need to recognize your own worth and be self-confident. If you want to work on a project, speak up. If you want to lead a team, say so. No one will appreciate your contributions until you appreciate them yourself. باريس سان جيرمان التأسيس Work to become known as someone who can be counted on.

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