How to expand your bulk SMS database?

You need numbers to get the most out of text message marketing. Mobile phone numbers, e.g. Not sure where to start collecting them? Read ideas.

 Ask any salesperson what the secret to success is, and they’ll probably say, “It’s been done.” to your mailing list. Your email database. And now more than ever your SMS database.

To get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, your most important task is to create a list of quality contacts to whom you can send bulk SMS messages. Pay attention to the word “quality”. There’s no point compiling a long list of numbers if half of them don’t match your target audience.

Forget about getting a list of numbers in your mind (who even does that?). Instead, use this proven method to grow your bulk SMS database.

Start with what you have;

Before you do anything else, take a look at the information you currently have. Whether you’re using a spreadsheet, a CRM, or a shoebox (duh!), chances are you have a list of customers and their contact information somewhere. Find it, clean it up and use it as a starting point to build a great SMS database.

Here’s a caveat. Depending on how you collect this customer information, your customers may not want to receive text messages from you. If they’ve already subscribed to other programs you use, you’re probably fine. this is called “restrained consent”. However, if you are unsure, it is safer to contact them and see if they are willing to participate.

Make subscribing to text messages easy;

Think about all the places where your customers can interact with your brand. For example, your online store. Maybe the gym reception? Wherever your customers are, give them the option to subscribe to your text messages.

Don’t forget to let them know why they want to message you! Depending on the industry, you can send special offers, tips of the day or product announcements via text message.

Hang the carrot;

Some customers need a small… bribe. Offer them an incentive to join your SMS membership list. It could be a discount on your first order, a free trial or demo, or an exclusive invitation to a special offer for members.

You might consider launching a social media campaign centered around the award. To create a texting contest, all you need to do is provide a personal cell phone number that customers can text and then promote it across all of your social channels.

Contact us by email;

Chances are you already have a strong email marketing sms database. After all, email has been around for a while and is still a popular channel for interacting with brands.

Contact your customers by email and encourage them to subscribe to text messages as well. As mentioned above, explain why you want to do this; You can also make it clear when and why they want to text so they don’t have to stress about getting a lot of messages from you.

Give them a good reason to stay;

He managed to convince customers to opt for text messages. Now is the time to make sure they don’t give up. If you want to maintain a list of loyal customers in your mobile phone number database, make sure that every message you send is useful or valuable to them.

When sending promotional text messages, always remember to give customers the option to unsubscribe by replying “STOP to unsubscribe” or include an unsubscribe link in the message.

Need some inspiration? Read our article on best practices for different types of text messages.

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