How to get High-Security Registration Plates? And why do you need one?

Are you searching for a strategy for enhancing your vehicle safety and security? If this is the case, you should think about putting a high-security registration plate. These plates are intended to assist law enforcement in locating stolen vehicles and to prevent you from being targeted in an attack. A high-security registration plate is a terrific method to keep yourself and your valuables safe whether you’re driving a car or riding a motorcycle. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has mandated that all automobiles sold before April 2019 have a high-security registration plate (HSRP). The Delhi Transport Department has started fining vehicles without HSRP with color-coded stickers. In this blog, we will give you all the information you need about HSRP.

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How is an HSRP different from other number plates?

·     The HSRP must be manufactured entirely of aluminum and include two tamper-proof, non-reusable security locks. This implies that if these locks are broken, you won’t be able to reconnect the number plate and will have to buy a new one from a number plate manufacturer.

●     On the left side of the number plate is a chromium-based Ashoka Chakra.

●     The PIN is tamper-proof and laser encoded so that it can be easily scanned.

●     Unlike prior number plates, the typefaces and appearance have not changed.

●     The HSRP should be accompanied by a color-coded label that indicates the kind of gasoline.

Who needs to get an HSRP?

Now that you know what HSRP stands for in terms of vehicles, you must know who requires it. Before July 2022, all vehicle owners must have an HSRP for their vehicle. People who acquired a number plate before 2019 must have it changed because number plates sold after 2019 are already HSRP.

Why did the government mandate the use of HSRP?

Before April 2019, number plates were easy to tamper with and could be quickly removed and replaced. This contributed to an increase in thievery. After taking a vehicle, thieves modify the registration numbers, making it practically hard for authorities to locate it. The non-removable Snap-On lock on HSRP number plates is non-reusable and cannot be replaced.

These plates are only granted when the vehicle owner submits information such as the engine number, chassis number, and other pertinent details. The possibility of counterfeiting these high-security registration plates is eliminated by expediting these authorized number plate installations.

 Obtaining an HSRP also aids in the collection and storage of critical vehicle information, such as engine and chassis numbers, in a central database. This information, combined with your vehicle’s pin, allows police to quickly locate your vehicle.

Previously fitted number plates had different fonts and styles that the car owners had modified. It was difficult for traffic cops to read the vehicle’s registration number because of this, especially if it was moving. Registration plates will have consistent fonts and styles thanks to HSRP, making them easier to read.

 You can contact your local license plate manufacturer for more information regarding the use of HSRP.

What is the meaning of a color-coded sticker?

The color-coded stickers, on the other hand, are placed on the inside of your windscreen to aid identify the sort of fuel your automobile is using. The car is BS-VI compliant, as shown by an additional green strip on the top of the sticker. Blue represents gasoline and CNG, orange represents diesel, and green color represents electricity. It’s also known as the third license plate.

Final Words

This blog discusses the importance of high-security registration plates and the benefits they offer. HSRP is important because it helps keep your car safe and secure, especially if you have to report the theft or vandalism of your car. It can also help deter criminals from targeting your vehicle. If you’re looking for a way to make your car more secure, HSRP is a great option to consider. It will get you an IND number plate for your vehicle. And for more information, you can check out as it will clear all your doubts step by step.

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