How To Increase Your Social Media Followers 

When you’re on using social networks, it may be like shouting into the darkness. You’ve put a lot of time and effort to write a post people will care about, and then look at the post hours later and find that you’ve only received 5 likes. We’ve all been there.

What would you say if I said that there was an option to never think about what to write? how much ivermectin to give to a dog? The ability to quickly come up with fresh concepts, the kind that makes people want to engage with your content, to ensure that the next time you share something, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of responses? What that the icing to the cake was to also increase buy facebook likes uk you have and establish a genuine community of fans from all this?

What is the 70-20-10 rule?

The 70-20-10 rule works in this way. 70 percent of your content needs to be relevant to the creation of your brand. Twenty percent should be sharing the content with other people and 10% should be self-promotion.

Why this information is important is that, when you’re like many of us who are on social media, we are prone to take the lead in self-promotion without letting branding or sharing of content from other users be left to the side. This is natural to do this, and that’s the reason why many of us choose to lead with self-promotion.

As an artist, you’re expected by people to be interested in hearing the music you play. That’s true. However, If they’re going to stay around, interact, and post content on your site, it is more to it than the music. They must feel a sense of connection to you as a person, or as a brand. They need to be able to connect. This is a result of being aware of who you are.

70% of your content needs to be aimed at building brand awareness

We have an entire article about identifying your brand. So if you’re not able to establish a solid brand, I’d recommend starting there, because it will be crucial to the next steps (and your musical career overall).

Once you’ve got your brand down, it is time to create content for that brand for your 70 percent. A few examples of how you can describe your brand include:

Live performances. It can happen before, during, or following an event, rehearsal or practice time, or even days off when the band can be seen hanging out. It is possible to answer fan questions or discuss exciting news or simply talk about the current events at the moment. The idea is to display your personality in the live video (the same way that you might be displayed in a live performance)

Upload behind-the-scenes photos of all the major occasions (recording at the recording studio, preparing new merchandise, making songs) from the day-to-day routine (getting ready for the day, your routine for the morning with the band, going taking a pizza out)

Create captions and content that are relevant to your branding. For example, if you’re a pop-punk group that composes songs about youth, nostalgia, and hanging out with friends, perhaps you tell memories of hanging out in the pizza restaurant because pizza and pop-punk work well together, just like PB&J. Perhaps you’d tell the story of your best person and how a certain song was an inspiration for the person. is antivert good for vertigo

Pay attention to the type of content that other brands and artists outside of the field share, and observe what you like about it. ivermectine pret Consider what makes them resonate and what you can do to transform that into your own.

20 percent of the content should be shared with the content of someone else.

The most appealing aspect of the world of music is, at its most enthralling, it’s an entire community. This means that we all watch each other in the mirror and look out for each other’s backs. One of the most effective ways to show gratitude to other industries, artists, or companies, is to make sure you share their content.

If you notice that the band you’ve had the pleasure of performing with (or you’d like to) has a new track out, make sure to share it and explain to your audience what it means to you (not only “listen to this new song!”)

If a company you follow has a humorous piece of content that you find interesting, make sure to share it with your readers. (Quick tip: Make sure to tag your followers when sharing their posts, so they are notifying) click here

Overall, it’s an extremely effective method to not just create a mix of content, but also to establish and improve your connections within the business.

10% of your content needs to include self-promotion

This is where the content you post about your shows, music, merchandise, etc. will be posted. Although it may appear like a tiny amount, once you’ve invested some time creating trust with your followers by putting out the rest of the content you post as well as the engagement of these posts will rise because people will be naturally more engaged with what you’re doing.

Because, now, it’s more much more than music. It’s about feeling connected to you. It’s more effective.

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