How to install a garage door in smoothly

Garage doors are probably one of the essential parts of a garage. The safety of your vehicle depends on how the gates are made and installed. Garage doors have different designs. Most types of gates require complex components, as well as exceptional knowledge for their installation. But if you are determined to build your garage door, you can find a simple solution to this problem.

You will need to establish a garage door

1. ld welding machine;

2. Building level;

3. grinder;

4. square;

5. Roulette

6. Guide manual

1 No Step- Calculate the size of the garage door.

The size of the gate depends on the size of your vehicle. The standard garage door designed for a passenger car has a width of 2. 5 m and 2 m Calc. When calculating, it should be noted that a gap of 10- 10 mm between the frame and the garage door must be left around the entire perimeter of the door. This gap will prevent the leaf from “jamming” in case of slight distortion or skew of the frame due to temperature, click here for more details.

2 No Step- Weld the outer gate frame

For frame production, suitable for a steel corner with a thickness of at least 65 mm. Place the frame parts on a rigidly layered flat surface. Set the angles using squares. Examine the triangle of the frame. Clean the frame using a welding machine. Close the vertically mounted corners with horizontal metal jumpers. Sheet the top of the frame with metal.

3 No Step-

Make the gate wings from a metal profile of size 40 x 25. The flaps are finished with sheet steel to close the gates, and the claddings overlap, leaving gaps. The thickness of the steel sheet should be at least 2 mm. It should also be noted that the gate leaves should be closed with an overlap of 1- 2 cm. Use the metal strip to close the gap between the gate leaves

4 No Step- Install power loops

For the most robust welding connection on one side of the wrist of the gauge frame and the other towards the outer cassette, it is recommended to use a curved strip of metal, which should be attached to the gate leaf and the upper half of the hinges. To strengthen the connection from within, you can use the Internal Strength tab.

5 No Step-  Well, deadbolt

As a deadbolt for garage doors, a metal pin sorted into the pipe is used as a bolt. Pins and tubes are welded to the gate using a molded welding machine.


When you want to get various information regarding How to install a garage door for your garage, our article will be much more necessary. Because of the different horsepower levels, safety features, and technological innovations, choosing a new opener can be a difficult decision! We hope that with this guide, you can find a company to gate repair in Santa Monica, California.

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