How to participate in League tournaments?

The club, educational institution, Community Action Board, municipality or foundation that wants to participate in any of the different tournaments organized by the League, must be legally constituted and have a current 해외축구중계 recognition. If you comply with the above, you must abide by what is stipulated in the call resolutions, where the conditions of participation, the age regimes, the rates and the categories offered by the League in the different tournaments and competitions that it organizes are detailed. ivermectin dosage for demodex in humans dosage Once the team is accepted to participate, a technical conference will be scheduled to define the game systems, player registration periods and the match schedule.

What programs and competitions does the Antioquia Football League have?

  • The Antioquia Football League is responsible for and organizes the following activities:
  • Departmental Soccer Tournaments (Metropolitan Area, Bajo Cauca and Urabá).
  • Departmental futsal tournaments.
  • LAF Schools Festival.
  • Beach soccer festival.
  • Intermunicipal soccer and futsal tournament – “The People’s World Cup”.
  • LAF Schools.
  • Master Soccer.
  • LAF Training – Training course in Technical Football Management.
  • Institutional tournaments (Copa Frescolanta, Liga Pony Fútbol, ​​Copa Teleantioquia, among others).

How do I register a player for LAF School classes?

The LAF School is a sports initiation program where its students have classes scheduled at different times. dog heartworm with ivermectin at fleet farm The methodology is appropriate to the age range of each of the groups. If you are interested in this program, you should consider:

For the year 2020, the programs are for students between the ages of 5 and 16.

Classes are held on the Marta 1 field of the Athanasius Gerardo Sports Unit.

The registration fee is: 9,000 (includes the first month), the monthly fee is 5,000 and the uniforms have a value of 3,000. milk withdrawal cattle ivermectin

For more information contact the PBX. 260 17 15, extensions 113 or 114.

Issuance of certificate of non-registration in the Antioquia Football League

The non-registered certificate is required by the different leagues in the country if you want to register a new player who comes from another department and who has not been registered to participate in the official tournaments of his birth department. For example, a player born in Medellin who is going to be registered in the Lisa de Bogotá and has never participated in the tournaments organized by the Liga Antioquia de Football.

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