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How to schedule Facebook posts like a genius!

How to schedule Facebook posts like a genius!

It’s ten times easier to stick to a social media( Buy Facebook Followers UK ) content schedule when you begin scheduling Facebook posts ahead of time. This helps you to be consistent, keep on top of your plan, and avoid long-time gaps.

Your Facebook page is your home page, your showroom. You want people to feel at home when they visit your home. This is also true for people who visit your Facebook(Buy Facebook Followers UK)followers page. It should be informative, engaging, and informative. It is best not to post the same thing every day.

Posting your posts at different times throughout the day is the best way to get them seen. Posting on other days of the week is also a good idea, but you shouldn’t post the same post every day. It would help if you created a social media content calendar for either weekly or monthly posting and then scheduled your Facebook posts accordingly.

To keep your Facebook page humming as a digital marketer, I recommend the following:

Social media scheduling should be proactive and diligent.

  • You can plan by looking at your calendar and social media scheduling tools to organize your schedule weeks or even months in advance.
  • You don’t have to use third-party tools. Facebook offers its native scheduling software as a feature.
  • social followers pro is my favorite tool because it allows me to efficiently plan and post.
  • Let’s look at the best practices and benefits of scheduling Facebook posts.
  • You can schedule a post directly from Creator Studio without using any third-party Facebook scheduling tool. It is accessible in two ways. It’s there, first.

Creator Studio

Use Creator Studio to schedule Facebook posts. Creator Studio allows you to create or schedule posts, and it also allows you to schedule posts on multiple Facebook pages.

The following steps can be used to schedule posts for a Facebook page using Facebook’s Creator Studio:

Choose the page you wish to post.

You can write, upload media or add links to your post.

Things to Remember When Scheduling Facebook posts using Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio is an excellent way to manage your Facebook Business Pages. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when scheduling posts on Facebook.

Creator Studio allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages.

You must be an administrator or have permission to manage Facebook pages to schedule Facebook posts using Creator Studio.

Creator Studio allows you to create, schedule, and post the backdate to Facebook pages.

Facebook does not allow Creator Studio or any third-party scheduling tool to schedule posts on your personal Facebook profile.

Creator Studio doesn’t allow you to schedule posts in your Facebook groups.

Facebook Stories do not have a scheduling option.

It is not possible to schedule posts directly from your Facebook mobile app. For this to work, you will need the Creator Studio mobile application.

Schedule post

You can see that there are some limitations when scheduling posts to Facebook with Creator Studio. It is why I recommend using a third-party Facebook post scheduler.

Automating social media marketing can save you time and money

social followers pro can help you grow your business. social followers pro allows you to schedule content for months in minutes and keeps hours daily.

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social followers pro makes it easy to schedule Facebook posts. This is how it can be done in just a few steps.

You must first sign up for social followers pro by clicking the signup button and providing your basic details. Log in to your social followers pro account if you already have one.

You can add text, images, hashtags, and other information. Select free images and GIFs from our media collection.

Post it immediately after you are done. You can also schedule it for the time and date you prefer. Before scheduling your post on Facebook, you can view the preview of the published posts within the app.

Check out our content calendar to see all the posts you have scheduled. You can also edit, delete and repost directly from there.

social followers pro’s Analytics feature allows you to monitor the performance and download a PDF report with graphs and charts.

How to Bulk Schedule using social followers pro

I have a solution for social media managers constantly trying to find the right content or ways to increase engagement at the right time.

social followers pro is the fastest way to schedule content for social media via Bulk Scheduling.Schedule Facebook posts up to a year in advance with just a few clicks.

You can go to the “Bulk Upload” tab and download the CSV file. Fill the CSV file with posts and times, save it, then upload it. You can add up to 500 seats and schedule them all in one go.

Upload CSV file

After you have uploaded your CSV file, you must choose the accounts you wish to post to. You’ll need to review your posts and check for any errors before uploading them.

Bulk Upload

To combine Bulk Upload and the Recycle features, you can create a collection of posts and set different campaigns on different Facebook pages.


You might decide to post motivational quotations every Monday on your Facebook Page. To make it easy, you can combine your quotes into a CSV file and upload them to your collection. Using UTM tracking, they can then be used on social media at the time that suits you. Social followers pro tutorials on YouTube will show you how to use it to schedule content for Facebook best.

Why Schedule Facebook Posts

  • Scheduling Facebook posts can be a great way to help your business.
  • Scheduling posts can save you a lot of time
  • Posting schedules can help you be more consistent
  • It is possible to avoid unnecessary gaps between posts.
  • Posting content doesn’t require you to be online 24/7.
  • It is easier to manage audiences in different time zones.
  • It is possible to manage your social media content better

Connect & Engage with More People

Different people schedule Facebook posts for various reasons. You might want to keep your content fresh. Schedule posts to help balance your workload. Manage your daily tasks efficiently and focus on other important things instead of content posting. You can use the time you save by scheduling all your posts to work on your content strategy and community management.

Also need to sleep enough. Your sleep is the essential thing that you will lose if your business is located in Asia and you have American customers who are online at 3 AM in your area. In this instance, you have three options:

Five Tips for Managing Facebook Posts

These best practices will apply to any scheduling medium, whether Facebook’s Creator Studio or social followers pro.

Take care when curating posts.

You don’t have to rush creating content because you schedule posts in bulk. Plan and create relevant content that fits your brand’s image.

You can plan to help you remember your brand voice while writing content for a week.

Find the best time to post

You are scheduling posts, so posting at work is not a good idea. You can try out different times and see if your audience is available so you can post when it is. Your reach and engagement goals will be enhanced if more people see your updates on Facebook.

Do not just schedule everything.

Some things are not meant to be programmed. They should be updated in real-time with catchy and trendy captions. Facebook events, picture albums, and check-ins are examples of such things.

You can set a posting frequency.

This is an essential aspect of Facebook analytics and fan retention. Nobody likes to be a follower of a dead page. You should not post on your Facebook page more than 15 times daily.

You can set a posting frequency that you can keep up with and then have fun creating content. Your niche and page likes will determine how many Facebook posts you schedule each month.

A small non-profit can only post once per day. An e-commerce site may make ten daily posts but still have a great reach.

Tracking and Monitoring

Good social media managers will continuously monitor and track the posts they plan. This allows them to understand their audience and what they look forward to each day they visit your Facebook page.


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