How you can Download Images by Using this Online Editor Tool?

Picuki is a popular online tool which you can use for downloading the images which any user has uploaded on the IG account. There is no need to log in or get for any registration for downloading any of the image or video.

This is how you will be able to catch the published photos on the IG account by simply entering the ID of that account and check the photo which you are downloading. It even gives you some unique features including editing of the posts online or setting the filter, adjusting the saturation, crop or even contrast etc.

Instagram will never allow you to use any of the IG accounts until and unless you are not a platform member. This is a platform for accessing Instagram’s profile without creating an account.

This is known to be the unique website that will be giving you access to any of the Instagram users’ profiles by straight away entering their username or email address. You can instantly see what they have posted and everything about them without the need for your information such as your phone number or other personal information.

How can I use it? Steps to Follow

There are two ways to use this online tool: You can view your photos by searching for your account or by searching for photo hashtags. Let’s see how you can do it:

1.  Once you will enter the website, you will straight be direct to the homepage.

2.  Enter the username of IG account on that page.

3.  It will start displaying the list of all those IG accounts having that username in front of you. You will also view some of the messages from IG account.

4.  Start checking with the posts in the IG account. Click on the specific link and enter away from the post which you are about to download as you find it.

5.  Download the post image by simply clicking on the option of “Download” after entering any of the post images.

6.  Once you the IG image have been downloaded over the tool, it get downloaded straight on device. You can also search by the hashtag.

7.  Enter the hashtag you want to search.

8.  After searching, click on the “Tags” tab. A list of potential hashtags is displayed.

9.  You can select any image and the remaining steps will remain the same as in the first method.

How does it work?

Picuki Instagram works normally as the easiest IG account finder. It is meant for those people who are not having IG account but they want to keep a track record of any user’s posts.

This is such an excellent tool for the researchers or the journalists or someone who is very much interested in keeping themselves updated with the world of social media. You can even use it for searching specific places or hashtags.

More Information

This tool is 100% legal and safe to use without any harm. Anonymous browsing of the IG is legal and it is enjoyable to do at any hour of the day. It won’t be giving you any sort of hassle at any time. Thus, it is also free to use without any charges. It would also allow you to generate with some revenue through the use of Google AdSense program.


It is obvious that you won’t be able to see any of the IG account until and unless you are not logging into it. But Picuki will allow you to make it happen without logging into the tool. It can be used by any person regardless of any of the age.

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