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Exclusive Travel Guide of India for 2021 India Tour

Follow the ultimate India travel guide for a memorable and boundless tour experience.

India is one of the most unique countries located in the southern part of Asia. The country is full of great diversity mixed. India is full of diverse places. You can find all the major attractions over here, be it beautiful hill station, the great deserts, royal palaces, exotic monuments, and many more to explore. All these diverse places make India a perfect destination for travel.

These beautiful travel destinations have numerous places, cultures, traditions, and foods to explore and even many things to know about. For this, you must have a proper India travel guide, so you get an idea about how to prepare yourself for tours of India. So, here we have brought an exclusive guide for your tour to India.

What to Expect?

  • A mixed culture and traditions can be explored in every part of India.
  • You can enjoy the different festivals, like Diwali, Holi, Bihu, Lodhi, Chaath, Pongal, etc.
  • Visist the biggest and most holy temples and mosques of the world.
  • Experience the royal liestlye of the kings and queesn in the great forts and palace.
  • Enjoy the weekends in the beaches of Goa, Mumbai and southern India.
  • Spend a good time in the hill stations engaging in the activities like, trekking. paraglidiing, etc.
  • Enjoy the variety of food served in the different states of India.

How to Prepare for Travel to India

While planning the tour to India, you need to make sure about some basic things. The first thing that comes to the list is packing, you need to make sure that you have packed enough and only the necessary things. secondly, make sure that you have opted for a reliable India tour packages, and if you do it from LIH then you can be assured. You also need to list out the activities that you would like to do in the different places and choose the perfect seasons and time accordingly.

Your India Packing List – Our Recommendations

There are certain things that you must consider while packing your bags for the India tour. You need to know about what things you will need during the tour so let us know about those,

  • Pack according to the season and the destinations. Light cotton clothes will be perfect for sumers and central reagions. Also keep some warm wollen clothes for hill stations.
  • Get the Indian currency from any banks for reliable purchasing.
  • Gt a SIM card of any telecom company to enjoy free calling and unlimited intenet access.
  • Make sure to keep the sunscree if yout tour itnerary includes southern destinations.
  • A camera will be must to capture the beautiful memeories in India.

Best time to go

The best time to visit India is quite tough to know because of the varied weather condition throughout the country. The summer seasons start from April and extend to June. From July to September the monsoon stays in the country and November to February is the winter season.


So now after knowing the different seasons’ timing, let us know which are the places to visit in different seasons. The summertime is perfect for traveling the north as well as the eastern part of India. This part of India is cool during the extreme summers as well. And so it is the peak time for Indian tourism. The other place to visit in summer is Vrindavan, the land of Shri Krishna, where you can enjoy the Holi festival.


The winters are the high time to discover the Southers, western and central India. The weather in these parts of India gets cool and fresh during the winters and you can easily travel around the streets of India be it Delhi or Rajasthan. This is peak tourism season as many of Indian festivals fall in these months.

Festive Time

Throughout the year India celebrates festivals of different cultures and traditions. Be it the Bihu of Assam, Durgapuja of Kolkata, Baisakhi & Lodhi of Punjab, Chaath of Bihar, Holi of Vrindavan, etc every single festival is celebrated with great joy in India. So whichever time you choose, you are surely going to attend any of these festivals.

Best Tour Itinerary for India Trip

The next thing to know out of this most exclusive travel guide to India is the best tour itinerary for an India trip. Firstly, you must book at least 15 to 16 days’ tour itinerary to get the most from your India tour. Then, you can prioritize your time according to the destinations you are going to visit in India. The best travel itinerary to India can be,

  • Day 1: Arrival at Delhi & exploring prominent places over there.
  • Day 2: Trip to the Taj Mahal
  • Day 3 & 4: Spend days in Royalty of Rajasthan
  • Day 5 & 6: Explore the glamour of Maharastra and its beaches
  • Day 7: A fine Day in the beaches of Goa
  • Day 9: Fly back to Delhi for departure.

How to Book India Tour Package?

The age of technology has made everything easy and fast as well. This is why the booking of packages becomes more reliable and cheaper as well. You can easily browse the best tour packages in the browser and confirm the one that suits you the most. To make booking easier for you, you can directly browse the LIH website and choose any one of the numerous packages to India. LIH is the ultimate place to find the most affordable tour packages for India so you will get the bookings done over here.

Hence, an exclusive travel guide helps you out to plan your tour in the best way. Also, it helps you to get the best bookings and packages so this guide has also brought for you the exclusive bookings for your India tour from the Leisure India holidays travel agent. LIH offers the best tour packages to India that include the best services, accommodation, and itinerary. So, LIH is the best place to confirm your booking in the very first place.

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