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Is it War on Instagram Live Shopping?

YouTube’s video ads have now been upgraded to display a brand-new format to utilize, shoppable ads. This is a direct response advertisement format that allows companies to show the images of their products that can be browsed in their advertisements. click here

The images of products that are browseable will provide the user with a “storefront” under video ads, and brands will be able to hyperlink to their product pages.

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YouTube ads and videos can convince customers to buy

YouTube’s decision to launch an entirely new direct response advertising format comes from understanding markets (FACEBOOK SHOPS, INSTAGRAM Live Shopping, etc.).) and knowing their internal data.70% of users say they purchased a brand because of what they saw in the YouTube video.This new format for ads aims to motivate users to take action regarding videos.

Direct response advertising is available on YouTube

In line with its purpose, the shoppable ads are optimized to be use for direct response marketing.

If you’re unfamiliar with direct response, marketing is essentially a type of marketing that causes people to take action immediately. With video ads that can be purchas, the goal is to lead customers to a website for a product.

Direct response advertising is a hit because of its trackability (you don’t need to wait for someone to be back to make a decision), the advertisement’s personalization, and its call to immediate action.

Image of a Facebook ad.

The decision to go this way is a good idea for YouTube’s new ad format. It is not a surprise. Google has always placed measurability at heart in the products it offers.

In addition, in the same way, as eCommerce expands in popularity, it’s becoming more evident that social platforms that have poor direct response capabilities will struggle to keep up with the advertising demands.


So, how do shoppable ads perform?

Aerie, a sub-brand owned by American Eagle, has already tried out the new ad format to boost brand awareness and sales.

The result?

Aerie witnessed a significant increase in engagement with its brand. It achieved an increase of 25% in advertising spend than in the year before, with nine times more conversions than their typical media mix.

What kind of content is going to be most effective for YouTube videos?

YouTube’s beta test of Aerie was solely focus on showing images of products. However, these worked great. However, I’d like to suggest an alternative way for brands to test.

User-generated Content (UGC).

Product images are a dime dozen, and everyone knows that great user-generated content can make your brand stand out. In addition, customers see it more favorably than professionally produced content.

Facebook buy-able ads.

You could consider using user-generated content instead of boring images from the product to increase conversion rates.If you are looking for help to create quality, UGC TREND can assist in the creation of content that you need to boost the speed of your YouTube STOREFRONT.

How to make the most of the shoppable format for branding?

All you need to do is sync their Google Merchant Center feed to your video advertisements.

After that, you can extend your call-to-action button by adding the most popular products and direct visitors directly to the listing of products on your site.

YouTube’s Shoppable Ads vs. Instagram Live Shopping

As we mentioned before, YouTube isn’t the only social media platform innovating in the following COVID-19.Facebook has introduced Facebook Shops and Instagram Live Shopping, and Snapchat has also eliminated its dynamic advertisements.

A photo shows Instagram advertisements.

This is an immediate response to Facebook Stores or Instagram Live Shopping?

No, it’s not.

YouTube’s new format for ads is more like a TV-like version of TV.The “storefront” feature is more similar to the advertisements that you can shop at Hulu as well as other streaming services that offer advertisements.It’s an advertisement on content instead of a brand that creates the content.

What’s new on YouTube advertisements?

In addition to launching the new ad format, the company is also launching video action CAMPAIGNS.This feature allows video ads to YouTube, the home page, its watch pages, and Google video partners in one campaign. However,youTube will also update its options for those campaigns, such as the What to Watch Next feed.

  • A video ad is seen in many more place.
  • Now available are lead forms for video campaigns.

If you decide to utilize YouTube’s new advertisement format, we suggest using user-generated content instead of traditional product images.

They are widely known to increase conversion rates among consumers.

Do you need assistance? Trend offers a curated group of content creators ready to provide the content you require to make your ads shoppable and stand out. Book a demo now or get start to increase your ads’ conversion rate.

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