It is foreseen what, why and for what will it be evaluated?

Coordination with the personnel in charge of dissemination, promotion and disclosure of sports-related activities.

Execution stage

At the introductory moment of the activity, you can refer to some rules of the general organization of the activity, technical guidelines of the activity such as: the importance of warming up and other regulatory aspects.

  • Process and update the user data record.
  • Provide a monitor for the development of stretching exercises.

Evaluate the development of the activity from the organizational point of view: collectivism, respect, courtesy, discipline, among other indicators, to which are added the indicators that have to be evaluated by the coach.

  • Distribution of the snack during the established times
  • Helps to comply with stretching (stretching in the middle of matches)

Conclusion stage

Application of a test on the positive and negative aspects of the activity that gives rise to the evaluation, taking into account the relevance, effectiveness of the actions carried out based on the results; In the same way, the obstacles that have affected the progress of the process, the possibility of contingency or alternative actions, the level of effects caused by failures in complying with the methodological steps and requirements of each one are taken into account, from which new actions must be drawn up to rectify.

  • Recognition of outstanding performers
  • It helps in the recovery process of practitioners.
  • Methodological requirements to which 스포츠중계 activities must comply
  • That they are feasible: possibility of their use and the available resources.

That it is applicable: they must express their efficient clarity, the possibility of being implemented in the places, scenarios, etc. ksw zakłady sportowe

That they are generalizable: their extension to other similar contexts and situations.

That they are relevant: because of their importance, because of their social value, and the needs to which they respond, that is justified.

That they have novelty and originality: they acquire relevance when it reflects the creation of something. darmowe gry kasyno na telefon

That there is validity: it refers to the condition of the result when it favors the achievement of the objectives for which it was conceived.

Methodological requirements for the planning and development of sports activities

To achieve customer satisfaction in sports activities and services, it is essential that the team is properly oriented, knows the needs of users and therefore has sufficient commitment and motivation. Correspondence of the objectives with the degree of development of the participants.

  • Take into account that everyone can participate (avoid exclusion).
  • That the regulations of the game correspond to the age
  • Contemplate social and ethical capacities during the development of the activity.
  • Structure the activity appropriate to the means and possibilities of the participants. gry hazardowe maszyny hot spot za darmo bez rejestracji

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