Know how you can add more space to your ADU unit to make it functional and beautiful

Building an ADU unit for your home can create more space for your home. If your guests visit you often or your parents stay with you, then you can create more space for your home by building an ADU unit on your property. You can build attached or detached ADU units on your property; both of them will equally be beneficial for your home. You can convert your garage into an attached ADU by adding a kitchen unit, a bedroom, and a bathroom to it. If you want to make a separate ADU unit then a detached one will be the best idea to go with Pink Gift Box.

If you are confused about how to generate more storage in your ADU unit then we have a solution for you. Let us know ways you can generate more space in your ADU by following these amazing ideas.

Think about a few smart storage ideas

You can go with wall storage, vertical storage, and under the stair storage to create more storage space in your ADU unit. You can use them to store your essentials. This way, you can get more storage to keep your valuables without using too much space on the floor.  Built-in wall storage is also a good idea as you can keep a lot of things inside it without making the space too clumsy.

Built-in bookshelves can save a lot of space

Built-in bookshelves do not take too much space but they are too handy to keep your living room decorative items. They are the trendiest things you can add to your ADU unit. They will make your living room look organized and clean. Moreover, you can keep green plants on these shelves to make the space look airy and fresh.

Invest in some ceiling/hanging lights

You can hang decorative lights or pendant lights on your ceiling to create more space on the floor. This way, you do not have to keep floor lamps in your space, which will provide you with a lot of space on the floor.

Introduce more functional kitchen cabinets

ADU unit has a fully functional kitchen, where you need to generate more space. So, floating kitchen cabinets and shelves will be helpful for you to store your kitchen essentials. To utilize the limited space in the kitchen, you need to build more storage cabinets so that the floor area remains unoccupied. This will give you a lot of space thereby making the space bigger.

Room dividers in place of walls can make your space look bigger

Usually, walls make the small space look smaller. So, you can add room dividers instead of the walls in your ADU unit so that the space looks bigger and airy. You can separate your living area and dining space with a room divider instead of building a wall that will take up a lot of space and make the space look clumsy.


You can also add ottomans as coffee tables so that you can get more storage without utilizing more floor space. Adding big mirrors can help your space look bigger and brighter. You can also generate more storage in your bathroom by adding built-in storage on the walls. This will help you store a lot of bathroom essentials inside it. Go with mounted TVs instead of building a separate TV unit, which will take up a lot of floor space and make your ADU look clumsy. If you are still confused about how to build an ADU unit with more storage, then you can take the help of our ADU specialists who will suggest amazing ideas on how to create more storage in the limited space available in an ADU.

You can visit Esperto Builders company website if you want to check out our home remodeling services. We deal in both small and big makeover projects that you can consider for your home. Moreover, our experts can guide you with adequate information if you are planning to build an Adu unit on your property.

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