Know The Benefits Of Masturbation

It’s still a taboo subject, but masturbating has more benefits than you might think. It is a normal and healthy practice. Apart from giving you the opportunity to get to know your body and feel pleasure, it will help you when you are with your partner; you will know very well what you want. Say “goodbye” to grief and discover the benefits of masturbation!

Men and women must learn to explore their bodies to get to know each other better than anyone else; this is useful when it comes to sex. However, for a long time (and even at this time), it was believed to be something shameful and bad, and that it even caused health problems. It’s time to get rid of those ideas and say “goodbye” to the taboo of masturbation of 성인용품.

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Benefits of masturbation

Let you get to know yourself more

Autoeroticism will help you explore your body, get to know it in order to better find and stimulate your erogenous zones. How can you expect to enjoy sex with someone else, if you don’t even know what you like?

It’s safer

As there is no direct contact with another person, there is no risk of contagion of any sexually transmitted infection, and you will not have to worry about a broken condom, and less about an unwanted pregnancy. Point for masturbation!

Autoeroticism will help you explore your body, get to know it to better find and stimulate your erogenous zones

Masturbating makes you feel better and produce well-being by improving your mood and reducing stress

It relaxes you and you get good

Surely you know that feeling of tiredness and relaxation after sex; same thing with masturbation. In both cases endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are released. They make you feel better and produce well-being by improving your mood and reducing stress.

You are in control

This way you know what pace, pressure and speed to take. Your pleasure does not depend on the other person changing their movement at any moment and taking you away from the orgasm.

Last longer

If you are a man, masturbating for a while before having sex will help you ejaculate longer. It will give you time to better please your partner. In addition, you will be able to measure how long it takes you to reach orgasm.

Increase your defenses

Masturbation reduces the risk of urinary infections; the circulation of the fluids prevents bacteria from accumulating. Besides, the more orgasms you have, the more your immune system is strengthened.

Couple masturbation

It is a great way to raise both of your sexual desire and to get to know each other. Not everything is to get straight to sex, they can take the time to caress each other and masturbate. It’s more fun and makes the relationship different.

Masturbation with your partner

Be careful with the excess!

Each person has their own rhythm; there are those who masturbate once or twice a day; others, every week, and some more, only from time to time. Anyway, the rule that excess of everything is bad applies here.

When masturbating interferes with your activities and responsibilities. If it causes you to miss parties or meetings with your friends that you do not concentrate at work, that you do not want to have sex with your partner, etc., it is already considered a problem and needs specialist attention.

We repeat masturbating is completely natural and you can do it whenever you want, without guilt or shame; you just have to find the midpoint so as not to overdo it.

Now that you know the benefits of masturbation, it’s up to you to enjoy it.

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