LaLiga deletes its messages of support for Ukraine in its broadcasts in China

LaLiga has decided not to include its content in support of Ukraine in its broadcasts in China . In Spain and the rest of the countries, including Russia, this will be the second consecutive day where superimposed messages are seen next to the scoreboard such as “No to war”, in the first instance, or “No to the invasion”. On the other hand, they can be seen in the illuminated advertisements of the stadiums, as confirmed by both El País,  El Periodic,  and the New York Times , information that Forbes also echoed . A decision, that of LaLiga, which contrasts with that of the Premier League, a competition that has been banned from China.

China, a political ally of Russia, has so far shown a position of neutrality in the conflict.

 “Russia is a strategic partner, but we are not aligned,” explained the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Wenbin. “It is not the situation we wanted for the country,” concluded the diplomat. العاب قمار روليت It should be remembered that China is Ukraine’s main trading partner. العب واربح فلوس China will not give the Premier matches

Chinese companies have confirmed that they will not broadcast the Premier League Matchday 28 matches due to the league’s support for Ukraine. The English competition announced earlier this week that it “wholeheartedly rejects Russia’s actions” and is ready to show solidarity with Ukraine.

In this sense, the captains of the 20 Premier League teams will wear an armband with the identifying colors of Ukraine, as announced by the BBC . In addition, the screens of the stadiums will show the phrase “Football Stands Together” (Football stays together) with the blue and yellow flag of the country. رهان كرة القدم

In this way, the matches Manchester City-Manchester United,

Liverpool-West Ham, Watford-Arsenal, Burnley-Chelsea, Tottenham-Everton, Leicester-Leeds, Aston Villa-Southampton, Norwich-Brentford, Newcastle-Brighton and Wolves-Crystal Palace will not be viewable in China.

It is not the first time that China has decided to cancel a Premier League match. In 2019, the CCTV network did not broadcast Arsenal-Manchester City after the Turkish-German player Mesut Özil made controversial statements about the conflictive Chinese region of Xinjiang.

 In them, the footballer criticized the silence of the Muslim

 world in the face of reports of widespread human rights abuses in this region.The coronavirus pandemic has affected all sectors, and in the world of 무료스포츠중계 s it has prevented fans from going to stadiums . LaLiga, as responsible for the football competition in Spain, has been using technology, such as augmented reality and drones , for some time to make broadcasts offer a more immersive and realistic sensation; something they get with their new movie camera .This camera is unique. It is a device that includes a 35-millimeter sensor and provides viewers with image quality similar to that of a film ; in addition to giving a realistic sensation, as if you were in the stands of the stadium or a few meters from the players.

“This is a large-sensor camera that until now was used

 for additional content, such as players coming onto the pitch or goal celebrations. What we have done is integrate it into the live broadcast with a wireless link  to achieve a cinematographic effect and give a revolutionary image to this type of shot”, explains  Óscar Lago, head of production for LaLiga at Mediapro, to OMICRONO.

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