Macaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berries

Product Description

Macaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berries.Do you know how the macaw holds a walnut inside his foot and enjoys every bite? Perhaps the cockatoo moves her favorite treat throughout her feet like she’s displaying it for the entire world to see

 Imagine your bird being satisfie with a nutritiously

balanced food item that you can serve as a staple food or as a snack. Macaw and Cockatoo Nutri-Berries. are just the right size to. provide your big bird. something that he can take. his time with and sink his teeth into.  Do Birds Have Teeth 

Its round and texture shape. of the berrie is intende to allow. your bird to grasp and rip apart. for eating an easy but efficient. way to improve the health of your .feet and provide various tongue and beak. sensations essential to his need in terms of behavior.

The Lafeber distinction is that we’ve

developed an approach to balance. nutrition in our meals without . sacrificing taste and texture in the. same way that normal pellets would. Macaw and Cockatoo Nutri-Berries contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins,

but instead of being ground to form .pellet the seed that are. hull and grain are left intact. Macaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berries also .include 16.5 percent pellet .that are bound with. healthy ingredient and They are covere with mineral. that are chelate to ensure more. efficient absorption. as well as stabilize vitamin to prolong life.

The majority of the grains and seeds

that are in Nutri-Berrie is hulle since Dr. Lafeber figured out how. to balance their nutritional need.s without grinding them,. and by hulling them, you can keep the. nutrients in the right. place in every bite. 

We also make sure that we. balance the Omega 3 and 6 fatty .acids, which help boost the immune. system of your .bird and promote healthy. feathers and skin. German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix The food we offer is natural preserve and areMacaw & Cockatoo Nutri-Berrie

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